I Want To Be Kelly

Alycia and Sherilyn love watching the Australian kids’ educational VCDs Hi-5 and they have certainly learnt a lot of good things (vocab, grammar, phonics, body parts, shapes, colors, cause and effect and much more) from these VCDs.  At times they even speak in Aussie slang and jargon.

For the past few days, Sherilyn the drama queen seems to want to be a Kelly wannabe.  Kelly is one of the casts of Hi-5.  In one of the VCDs, Kelly was wearing a one-sided bare-shouldered top.   The next morning after her bath, Sherilyn pulled down her singlet and said “I am Kelly”!  And she has been doing this for 3 days straight.

Don’t you think Sherilyn looked ridiculously hilarious in her make-believe Kelly’s outfit?  But I have to give her credit for being creative and imaginative!

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