No Longer Sexy Legs

That’s how ugly my once sexy legs are now. Old wives tale has it that if you’re expecting a girl, the baby girl will steal all your beauty away!

The varicose and spider veins are becoming from bad to worse everyday.

The veins on my left leg have now spread to my foot and ankle. I now look like a diseased person. Maybe I should really consider doing treatment for the varicose and spider veins. I’ve just written a review on this and I am really tempted to do it after delivering my baby.

The varicose veins are slowly but surely attacking my right leg now.

I am really hoping that these varicose and spider veins will subside after I have delivered my baby.

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Trusting My Guts Feelings

My guts feelings have been right most times.  Even though I had gotten a verbal confirmation from this maid agency that supplies temp maids that he can provide me with a temp live-in maid for one month starting this Sunday, somehow, I just had a feeling that the maid will never arrive.  True enough, my fears and worries were founded this morning.  I am now back to square one and will be maid-less after my maid returns to Indonesia for good on Sunday.  Read more about the story here.  

Starting from Sunday, I will be one busy and heavily pregnant full-time SAHM to 2 high-demands toddlers without a maid.  OMG, I am so used to having a maid that the thought of not having one terrifies me and gives me nightmares.  I always tell myself that if my good friend Theimperfectmom can do it, so can I.  She is living in Seattle with 2 toddlers and without a maid and coping on with life so well.  At least I still have part-time maids who will be coming to help me every other day for 2 hours a day.

I won’t have time to blog hop and visit your blog that frequently until my new permanent maid arrives and God knows when she will ever arrive. Wish me luck.

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