My 2 Little Laundry Helpers

My 2 little ardent helpers helping granny fold the laundry. Without a kakak around has to some extent brought out the positive and helpful side in Alycia and Sherilyn. Last night, I was really touched when Alycia said this to me when she saw me folding the laundry “mummy, since I have the time, I can help you fold the clothes”.  But kids being kids, after helping out for about 10 minutes, she soon found it boring and went to play with Sherilyn.

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Alycia’s 1st Day Of School – Year 2

Yesterday was Alycia’s first day of school this year. Though this is her 2nd year in pre-school, she had only attended less than 4 months of classes last year. During the first month of pre-school, she kept falling ill (twice a month) and I pulled her out from pre-school in the second month. She only resumed pre-school in September 2007.

Everything went well yesterday – she looked forward to school and did not cry. The teachers also gave her stickers to give her a little motivation. Homework has increased this year and everyday, she brings home a bag full of books for homework.   Luckily my mum is here to coach her with her homework.  My mum who is a retired school teacher commented that the syllabus for 5 year olds is a tad heavy and tough, which I totally agree.     When my mum goes back to Ipoh, I will have to take over her role as the tutor.

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I Have Never Been So Tired

Today is the second day I am without a maid.  It’s been years since I last mopped the floor but this time it felt extra tiring having to mop a 2 1/2 storey house with 3 rooms.  I also washed 3 loads of laundry on top of caring for my 2 brats.  Luckily I have my mum to help with hanging the laundry, keeping the laundry and folding the laundry. 

My gals, especially Alycia has been very helpful.  The gals were fighting to help my mum fold the clothes.  Though the result was not satisfactory, I just don’t have the energy to be a perfectionist this time.  As long as the clothes are folded and not left scattered everywhere in the living room, I am already very glad.  Alycia even takes the initiative to keep her toys and I am so proud of her.  They have all the while been relying on kakak to pick up their toys and now, they know they have no one to help them anymore.

Sherilyn has been very whiny lately and has been crying till she puked for 2 days straight during meal times.  She’s really driving me up the pole and I just can’t stand her nonsense. I just let her cry and puke to her heart’s content.

I felt all my energy zapped off instantly with all the house work till I dozed off immediately even before my gals dozed off during their afternoon nap this afternoon.  Just hope I won’t go into pre-term labor!

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