Mum’s Out, New Temp Maid In

My mum has just left with my brother for Ipoh. I’m now all alone in the house with the gals.  The gals wouldn’t want to nap when granny was here though they were really drained out.  After granny left at around 6pm, they were so tired that I don’t even have to force them to nap. They willingly went to the mattress on the floor and dozed off.  This spells trouble for me as they would nap for at least 2 hours and wake up at around 8pm, which means that they won’t want to go to bed until at least 11:30pm or 12 midnight tonight. 

My maid agent has promised to send the new temp live-in Cambodian maid to me tonight.  Though I am happy that help is finally at hand, I am still worried that her attitude sucks.   I still won’t mind if my maid is slow but has good attitude but if her attitude sucks, she will really piss me off big time.   Another problem with temp maid is that after training them well, they would have to leave when the new permanent maid arrives and I would have to train the new maid from scratch all over again…. and that’s really tiring and time consuming. 

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