Relief For Varicose Veins

I finally bought myself a pair of support stockings from the pharmacy to relief the bulging varicose veins on my legs.  The pair of stockings cost me RM89, freaking expensive!  Though I had bought the stockings for 3 days already, I had only worn it once for half a day yesterday.  It’s really troublesome to have to wear the ultra tight stockings.  Not only do I feel hot and uncomfortable wearing it, I have to be careful not to wet it when I go to the bathroom or bathe the kids.  I even have to hand wash the stockings myself coz I don’t trust my new maid with it as the pair of stockings are made of delicate material and tears easily. Hopefully the varicose veins will subside soon but I will need to wear the stockings diligently everyday to see some results.

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