Sherilyn Hates Our New Maid

There just isn’t any chemistry between my new maid and Sherilyn.  When Sherilyn saw our new Cambodian temp maid for the first time, she had just woken up from her nap.  She was sobbing away on the mattress as I was talking to the maid agent.  When I asked her why she was crying, she cried even louder till she almost puked. She did not want the maid to be near her the entire evening.

Today is our maid’s 3rd day with us and Sherilyn just doesn’t like her new kakak.  She refuses to let the maid feed her and would turn her head sideways when kakak feeds her.  She doesn’t want the new kakak to bathe her or touch her.  This morning, when our maid wanted to carry her up the high chair, Sherilyn said “don’t touch me, I can go up myself”.  When the maid wanted to put on the panty for her, she said “I can wear myself, I don’t like you!”   Alycia  who has no problems ‘making friends’ with the maid told Sherilyn not to bully kakak and complaint to daddy about what Sherilyn did.

I am sure Sherilyn will get used to her new kakak in time to come but it’s sad coz when she finally gets used to her one day, she will have to leave when our new permanent maid arrives….. and the whole cycle of getting used to another new kakak begins again! 

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