MIL Is Back

My mil is back from Hong Kong for 1.5 weeks but she will be away for an overseas holiday during the CNY before coming back to KL and will stay on until I have delivered the baby in April.

She brought back 2 huge suit cases and 1 carton box of Disney souvenirs, Disney cookies, chocolates, Manuka honey, famous Macau almond cookies, pineapple cakes, ‘Wife’ biscuits, crackers, herbs, dried stuff,  biscuits from Japan and clothes for the gals.  The gals went crazy seeing all those goodies!!

Goodies from Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand all scattered on the floor of our living room.  Now, I don’t even have to buy cookies, chocolates, candies and biscuits for CNY.  There is more than enough to last us till next year!

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