Pregnancy At Week 26+

I went for my pre-natal check-up today.  The ultrasound scan revealed that my baby’s right kidney is still mildly dilated.   The umbilical cord is also round her neck in a single loop.  When I heard my ObG telling me that, I was really worried but my ObG was so blase about it and told me it’s very common and said that there’s nothing to worry about as the baby’s blood flow is still good and the umbilical cord is only loosely looped round the neck.   I missed having a glimpse of my baby’s face again as this time, her face was pressed against my placenta.  Baby’s weight is 2 lb 7 ounces and EDD is 22 April 08.  I asked if it’s possible to have a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) but my ObG was against the idea as I had 2 previous c-sections. I have gained a total of 8kg thus far.

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