Sherilyn Is Driving Me Insane

…..with her crying and puking.  Each time she cries, she will surely puke, whether it is a 5 minute wail or a 10 minute wail.  I still won’t really mind if she pukes during the day or at the dining table during meal times but when she cries and pukes on herself and on the queen size bed at midnight, this drives me nuts….. and this always happens.  It happened again last night at close to midnight. 

Alycia and Sherilyn had not taken their afternoon nap yesterday as we were out almost the whole day, so I put them to bed early and went down to work on my computer.  Half an hour later, I heard a child crying, which sounded like my neighbor’s toddler’s cries.  When the cries turned into choking and sounds of puking within less than a minute, I knew for sure that it was Sherilyn and I ran upstairs to the gals’ room and saw Sherilyn’s face, hair, pjs and bed covered in her vomit as she had vomitted in her sleep in a supine position.  What a terrible mess she had made and I had to wake our maid up to help me clean up the mess. 

It took us almost forty five minutes to clean up the mess – changed the sheets, bathed Sherilyn, blew dry her hair,  mopped the floor,  etc.   What angered me most was that my hubby blamed me for all the mess – saying that I shouldn’t have gone downstairs when the gals are asleep.  I really hate all the blaming.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault yet he pointed the finger at me.  I should have blamed him back coz he was in the bathroom and heard Sher’s cries yet did not do anything. Really so pissed off with him.  He thinks it’s so easy being a full-time mum who has to work from home.  Wait till we switch positions and he’ll understand how I feel.

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