Lots Of Chocolates and Crackers

These are some of the chocolates, crackers and candies that my mil bought from Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.  Most of these expire this year, which means that we have to quickly eat them.  I don’t really fancy sweet stuff and chocolates but it’s really hard to resist when there’s so much temptation and I feel sayang that they will expire soon…. so I have been indulging in a little of these sweet treats everyday.  Hopefully these sins will not cause me gestational diabetes.

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Cambodian Maid Stories Again

My Cambodian maid only speaks a smattering of English.  She doesn’t know the word “squat”.  Each time she brings Alycia and Sherilyn to the loo to pee when we go out, she will say this to them “sit” as she motions them to squat at the squatting toilet bowl.  I have been trying hard to correct her by telling her that she should say “squat” instead of sit but she doesn’t seem to remember and till today, she still tells the girls to “sit” on a squatting toilet bowl.   I just hope Sherilyn will not sit on the dirty public toilet floor or toilet bowl the next time kakak tells her to “sit”.  I better make sure I am always around to supervise her when she brings the gals to the loo when we go out.

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Deep Fried Arrow Roots

The only time we get to eat deep fried arrow root chips is during Chinese New Year. Many shops and stalls were already selling these chips one month before CNY. I l bought a bottle for RM16 last week and almost finished the entire bottle by myself, with a little help from Alycia and Sherilyn who equally love these chips.

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Alycia And Our New Maid Are Good Friends

Alycia seems to hit it off really well with our new Cambodian maid.  She tries to be chummy with her and talks to her all the time…. coz she’s got ulterior motive.  Today she asked her kakak to carry her like a baby!  Just a moment ago, she asked kakak to carry her like a baby from the bathroom to our bedroom.  After getting dressed, she asked kakak to carry her downstairs like a baby…. and kakak did it willingly!

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Our Cambodian Maid

….. can really ‘kaik sei ngor’ (can really anger me till death).   Though she’s hardworking, some of the things she does can really kaik sei ngor. 

She tries to be efficient by putting the dirty clothes into the washing machine whenever she sees them in the laundry basket, even if there were only a few pieces of clothes… and she put 2 full caps of laundry detergent into the washine machine with only a few pieces of clothes.  Can you imagine how much suds there were in the washing machine?  I even had to ask her to rinse the clothes with water again after the cycle had finished.   Though I had told her to ask me first before putting any clothes into the washing machine, she had forgotten again today and did the same thing.  There were so much suds inside the washing machine that some suds were seeping out from the door of the washing machine.

She removed the plug of the kettle from the wall socket when the switched was turned on.

She used the cloth that we wipe our dining table to wipe the fans and windows.

Though  she’s stick-thin, she can eat like a sumo wrestler.  I think her previous employer must have starved her.  She’s lucky that she’s working for us coz no one ever goes hungry in our house.

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