A Dull Sunday

Today we did not go to church or anywhere as hubby has to work.  My mil went to the market in the morning and brought our Cambodian maid along.  I know for sure that if our maid is away from home for a few hours, many household chores will be left undone and she will not be able to complete them as our maid is a real slow coach.  So I was the assistant to the maid today.  I washed the milk bottles, helped to wash the dishes, cleaned the dining table after every meal, bathed the kids, fed the kids, boiled water and much more.  Also read to the gals and coached them in their writing.

Today, we are having an early CNY reunion dinner comprising of very simple dishes as my mil will be overseas again during CNY.  We used to have very elaborate homecooked dishes for CNY whenever my mil was around but my mil has frozen shoulder now and can’t move her arms, so we have to settle for simpler dishes. 

These days, I hardly have time to blog as many posts as I used to previously coz I have been doing quite a bit of house work and supervising our new maid.  I still don’t trust my maid to cook yet.  Yesterday I told her to fry a fish as she told me she knows how to fry fish but the result was quite disastrous.  She did not put enough oil in the wok and part of the fish was burnt. I went to the wet kitchen in the nick of time to save the fish from being totally burnt. The anchovies soup that she made also had burnt garlic in it. 

I think I will persuade Aly and Sher’s former nanny to cater food to us.  My maid is just too slow in her work and she can’t cope.  I love the nanny’s cooking and I hope she will agree to my request.

I bet you all had a fun Sunday and went shopping for CNY clothes and stuff, didn’t you? 

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