Simple And Wholesome Toasted Sandwiches

Ever since my maid went back to Indonesia, I’ve been preparing very simple lunch for the gals.  I am too tired to cook and my new temp Cambodian maid does not have much culinary skills.  Today, I made them toasted black sesame  sandwich with fried eggs, chicken floss and Japanese cucumber.  Though it was a simple lunch, the gals loved it, especially Sherilyn who only likes to eat eggs, bread and noodles.  So she ate without any fuss and I need not have to raise my voice or force her to chew and swallow her food.

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Practise Whatcha Preach Mummy!

Whenever Alycia and Sherilyn talk non-stop during lunch or dinner with their mouth full of food, I’ll tell them this “don’t talk when you eat.  Your mouth is full of food”.

The gals’ former nanny came over for dinner this evening.  I was busy talking to her whilst I was eating.  I was also reprimanding Sherilyn for not chewing and swallowing her food.  These days Sherilyn does not like being reprimanded and will pout her lips or answer me back.  When she saw me talking non-stop to the nanny, she said this as she wagged her forefinger “mummy, don’t talk when you eat“.  I then ignored her and continued to talk to the nanny.  She then changed the sentence and said louder, “mummy…. don’t eat when you talk!” 

What can I say coz I know I should practise what I preach?  I was speechless…. and the nanny and I just laughed out loud.  Kids are really smart these days. So next time, I must be careful what I preach and make sure I practise what I preach!

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Sky Diving In Las Vegas

If the glitzy casinos, spectacular night life, great shows and entertainment in the ‘Sin City’ of Las Vegas do not thrill you, there are many other more interesting and breathtaking activities to partake. I’m one who is more game for the adrenaline-pumping activities like walking out over the edge of the Grand Canyon and sky-diving in Las Vegas. Did you know that sky diving in Las Vegas is one of the top tourist activities in the city? After all, Las Vegas is all about taking chances, freedom and risk. If you do make a trip to Las Vegas, do book your Las Vegas Hotels at, a website specializing in everything Las Vegas.

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Lightning Surge Protector For My Golden Goose

Ever since the network card in my PC was struck by lighting, I have a phobia whenever there is lightning. My computer technician advised me to get a surge protector which acts to protect my PC, the modem and our telephone line. The protector is affixed to the wall socket and all other plugs are affixed to the protector. It costs RM70 and he came to install it today. Hopefully this is really useful.

Does anyone of you have a surge protector for your computer and modem too?

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Green Tea Pastry Egg Tart


 Green tea has been touted as a health beverage and it’s supposedly high in antioxidants.  Green tea has been so hyped up that it’s being used in almost every snack around ranging from green tea chiffon cakes to green tea bread, green tea ice-cream, green tea cream puffs, green tea Kit Kat chocolates, green tea flavored kuaci and now green tea egg tarts.  Hubby got some of these from Mr Cook’s @ Gardens the other day. It’s a new product from Mr Cook’s.  How does it taste?  If you’re a green tea lover like me, you’ll love it.

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Bossy Sherilyn

Sherilyn has been trying to throw her weights around to our new temp. Cambodian maid for the past few days by being bossy and bullying her.  This morning Sherilyn said this to our maid when she tried to feed her breakfast “YOU…. DON’T disturb me.  You do your work.  Don’t touch my spoon!”  I was shocked to hear her say this to our maid coz she said that in an authoritative tone and I never use that tone to speak to my maids.   Sherilyn is known as the ‘cili padi’ of the family as she’s the youngest yet the most bossy.

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Blogger Is Driving Me Nuts

For those of you with a blogspot blog, have you been facing problems logging in, creating posts, uploading pix, editing posts and accessing other blogspot blogs?  I have been encountering this problem since yesterday morning and this is really driving me up the pole.  Not that I have all the time in the world for blogging now and this problem is eating up too much of my time. 

Today the computer technician as well as the Streamyx technician came to check my computer and both times when they were here, everything seemed fine.  When they left, the problem crept up again.  Sounds creepy eh?  Anyway, I have only limited access to my blogspot blog at certain intervals throughout the day and during this time, I have to hurry like a mad woman drafting my paid posts, quickly upload pix, etc coz the next minute, access will be cut out again.  That’s really darn frustrating….

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