My Three Miracles Of Life

Any woman who has gone through infertility would understand how painful it is – both emotionally and physically and also strenuous on one’s pocket.  I know it as I had gone through years of infertility before I had Alycia. I had sought various invasive methods of infertility treatments which include taking several rounds of Clomid, underwent a laser ovarian drilling and laparoscopy through a keyhole surgery, double Hysterosalpingogram (Uterotubogram) or HSG to unblock the Fallopian tubes and finally an IUI which is an artificial insemination.

Before I went for each infertility treatment, I surfed the internet and read up tons of information on treatments for infertility and the success rate. When I finally conceived Alycia after a single IUI procedure, hubby and I were elated. However, my pregnancy was not smooth sailing as it was plagued with troubles from the very start. Thank God, I managed to carry Alycia to full-term despite an initial pre-term labor threat (shortened cervix) at week 20 of my pregnancy.  I was then ordered by my doctor to take leave from work for 3 months to bed-rest at home.

After Alycia was born, hubby and I were the happiest and proudest parents on earth.  Alycia was our pride, joy and victory.  I had absolutely no regrets going through what I had gone through and loved every bit being a mummy. Hubby and I wanted another baby soon and this time, we managed to conceive Sherilyn without any fertility treatments.  Alycia and Sherilyn are indeed our 2 miracles and very soon, we will be expecting our third miracle!

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6 thoughts on “My Three Miracles Of Life

  1. Found your blog through Blog Rush. I too went through some infertility issues although I did not go through any treatment. We tried for the first seven years of our marriage before I got pregnant with my oldest in 2000. 21 months later, along came his brother. I am very thankful to have them both. Congratulations on your miracles!!

  2. Hey, i’m go through IVF to get my twins lei! I had been trying for seven years, and went through some minor surgery too and finally god bless me with two naughty boys!

    No wonder in ur the other blog u put the title as my first miracles and my second miracles on ur birthday trackers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Becky…. thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    Mommibee……my 3rd girl is due in April 08.

    AnnieQ….. hey, I didn’t know your 2 boys were a result of IVF too! Indeed miraculous eh?

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