Relief For Varicose Veins

I finally bought myself a pair of support stockings from the pharmacy to relief the bulging varicose veins on my legs.  The pair of stockings cost me RM89, freaking expensive!  Though I had bought the stockings for 3 days already, I had only worn it once for half a day yesterday.  It’s really troublesome to have to wear the ultra tight stockings.  Not only do I feel hot and uncomfortable wearing it, I have to be careful not to wet it when I go to the bathroom or bathe the kids.  I even have to hand wash the stockings myself coz I don’t trust my new maid with it as the pair of stockings are made of delicate material and tears easily. Hopefully the varicose veins will subside soon but I will need to wear the stockings diligently everyday to see some results.

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10 thoughts on “Relief For Varicose Veins

  1. Wearing stockings in our hot and humid weather is never comfortable. Still remember I used to wear stockings to work everyday when I was working in KL. Don’t know how I did it but the motivation to look pretty helped to overcome the discomfort, I guess! 😉

  2. It is really so ‘ma fa’ one hor, to wear the sock, but, for the future sake, never mind lor….so, you will have nice leg back again after deliver….:P

  3. Chooi Peng… I am now wearing it to sleep and 2 hours in the morning. So I have a total of 8 hours in the tight socks. Hope it helps!

    Girlie and Phaik Ling… the varicose veins are really terrible. You can view pix of them in my previous posts in this blog.

    Mamajo… yup, really ma fan, and really hard to put it on too coz it’s ultra tight…

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