Tony Roma’s Ribs

If you love beef, especially beef ribs, you really have to check out Tony Roma’s Ribs Restaurant. 

Tony Roma’s beef ribs are really tasty and tender but a tad pricey.   If you’ve tasted them, you would not mind paying a little extra for a rack of really delicious ribs.


This is a blue cheese burger.  Want to know whether it tasted heavenly or yucky,  click here to read on.

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Cecelia and Nicholas’ Marriage On The Rocks Now?

I am sure everyone is following closely the hot juicy news on Edison’s sex scandal.  Rumors have it that Edison had proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years and begged her to marry him in order to save him from being killed by some triad members from the girlfriend’s wealthy family. He had also checked into a sex rehab center in the U.S. as advised by his girlfriend’s family.  Rumors also have it that Edison had threatened to slit his writs if his marriage proposal was turned down. Do you think this is true love or is he just trying to save his own life and reputation?

Now I am just waiting to read news on Cecelia and Nicholas’ marriage. It seems Patrick (Nicholas’ dad) has encouraged his son to get a paternity test / DNA test to see if the baby son is indeed his or Edison’s. I just don’t understand these celebrities. Why are they always embroiled in such complicated relationships? I think if Cecelia and Nicholas really want their marriage to work, they should really go for a marriage retreat or a marriage family counseling, like the ones from the internationally renowned Mort Fortel.

Mort Fortel is well known round the world for saving many marriages and for providing free marriage help.  Hopefully with marital help from professionals like Mort Fortel, Cecilia and Nicholas’ marriage will survive the storm. It would be really sad to see the couple break up.

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I Am Sick

I have not been feeling too well for the last few days.  Was having a runny nose and sore throat for the last 2 days.  The runny nose is better today but my throat is really irritating me.  I can’t breathe well as my nose is also blocked.  My throat is not exactly painful now but there are lots of phlegm stuck in my throat which makes me want to puke.  I also feel really hot inside my body, as if a fever is about to break out.  My maid made me feel even hotter today.  Read more on my maid updates here.

I don’t really fancy eating medicine during my pregnancy.  I rather suffer than to take medication.  I am now drinking lots of water, crysanthemum tea and barley water to cool my body down.  I am really tempted to pop a couple of Difflam into my mouth to ease the throat irritation.  But I am only resorting to more natural remedies like drinking diluted lemon juice with Manuka honey and gargling my throat with salt water.  Hope my throat gets better tomorrow.

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InTONE® Jogger With Handlebar

I am counting down to the days when I can resume my exercise regimen after the birth of my baby. With another c-section, I will need at least 2 months to rest my wound and womb before I can start exercising again. That means it will be another 3.5 months before I can start exercising again. For a start, I will need to do a low-impact aerobic workout before I can go full swing back to jogging and running. I have just found a wonderful fitness equipment that is compact and cheap at, an online store that sells home medical equipment, home medical supplies and life enhancing products.

This fitness equipment is called InTone Jogger with Handlebar. It also comes with a workout DVD. This cool equipment only costs $69 and I am so very tempted to purchase it now. My hubby will surely comment that I am a fitness freak if I were to buy this equipment now. I wonder if I can get this equipment from the fitness equipment shops locally. Does anybody know?

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Alycia Is Learning Ballet!

Yesterday daddy and I brought Alycia and Sherilyn for a free trial baby ballet class. I had no intention of sending them for ballet class so soon. I thought the earliest I will sent Alycia will be next year when she turns 5 years old.

Before the class, Alycia kept telling me that she doesn’t want to attend ballet class. Sherilyn on the other hand appeared very excited and kept dancing like a ballerina by putting her hands up in an arch shape and tip toeing her feet. She had seen little girls dance ballet in one of the Barney DVDs and liked ballet very much.

However, at the trial class, the unexpected happened. Alycia was happily following the teacher’s instructions and steps while Sherilyn just stood frozen staring at the teacher in complete awe. She was really stunned with the little girls all dressed up in ballerina costume and cute tutus and was trying to comprehend what the teacher was doing. Minutes later, the teacher brought her out of the room. We were later told that the minimum age for acceptance into the baby ballet class is 4 years old.

As Alycia has shown so much interest in learning ballet during the trial class, we immediately signed her up. The first formal lesson will begin on Wednesday next week at 6:45pm for 1 hour. The fees will be RM60 per month once a week or RM110 per month for twice a week. I signed her up for the once weekly class. One of the reasons why Alycia was willing to attend the ballet class was because her little aunty (hubby’s 5 year old cousin) was also going to join the class and they are best of friends.

The ballerina costume cost RM225, which consists of a pair of stockings, the pink bodysuit, a tutu, a scarf / hanky and a pair of ballerina shoes.  The costume is very costly as everything is imported from the UK.   The pair of delicate stockings alone cost RM55!

I jokingly told Alycia that she has to lose some weight coz her little belly was protruding in the tight ballerina suit and she really looked like a ‘fei por zhai’  (little fat girl).  I hope Alycia will love ballet and excel in it and not like mummy who learned ballet for 3 years and quit.

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The Heroes Of The Battle Against HIV/AIDS

If you are an avid reader of the Reader’s Digest, you would have read the section on Everyday Heroes. Some of these unsung heroes certainly deserve to be given the due recognition and award for their selfless acts. Many of the stories of these heroes have touched my heart profoundly and one of the heroes who was recently featured is a woman who has spent decades creating cheap HIV vaccine in her own lab for the hard core poor orphans who were stricken with HIV/AIDS.  Speaking of HIV and AIDS, Dr William Heyward is another hero and ‘soldier’ who has contributed his efforts significantly in the fight against this deadly disease for decades.

Dr William Heyward’s first post was in Anchorage, Alaska where he was sent there to study the infections and diseases that were plaguing the Alaskan natives. Dr Heyward helped the Alaskan people overcome Hepatitis B, liver cancer, pneumococcal disease and Haemophilus Influenzae Type B. His next task was to learn about how HIV and AIDS were affecting the Alaskan natives. He was the first doctor to survey Alaska to learn how far this deadly disease had spread and soon, he found himself enamored with helping to eradicate this deadly disease. This prompted him to attend John Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, which earned him an M.P.H in Epidemiology in 1987. To learn more about Dr Heyward, kindly visit

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She Sure Knows How To ‘Than Sai Kai’

We were out shopping for groceries at Jaya Jusco, Mid Valley last week. As usual, the gals would request to sit inside the trollies. I normally give in to their request as it’s safer for them to be inside the trolley than roam about themselves and risk getting lost.

As Sherilyn was beginning to feel tired, she lay on the trolley and put her legs up…

….singing and clapping her hands away…

until she almost fell asleep.  What a ‘cee sai’ (pose) from a 3-year old toddler eh? I bet it felt really comfortable to be able to put up her legs on the trolley whilst being pushed in an air conditioned supermarket. I wish I could do that too haha….

But cheh cheh Alycia was so ‘see mun’ (ladylike) and demure, sitting oh so femininely  on the trolley coz she was wearing a skirt and could not put her legs up on the trolley.

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New Disney Swim Suit

Last week, daddy bought the gals new swim suits as they have outgrown their old ones.  Moreover, the old ones are skimpy bikinis and thus not wind-proof.  Daddy has always wanted to get them a full body-suit where their bodies will be all covered up so that they will not catch a cold when they get out from the pool.  When I saw this cute Disney swim suit with a picture of Minnie Mouse on it, I fell in love with it immediately.   Daddy who is always over-protective of his 2 princesses even got the gals a matching Disney swimming cap each and a pair of goggles each.  Daddy spent over RM300 on the swim suits, swimming caps and goggles.  I can’t believe kids’ swim wear are so costly these days.

I think the swim suit looks a tad like a professional skater’s costume, don’t you think so too?

Alycia was so crazy over her new suit, cap and goggles that she wore the suit at home for a few days and pretended to swim and surf in them.

The gals can even wear the swim suits for their outings as they look more like dresses than swim wear. 

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Get A Reputable Mover To Save You From All The Headaches

Everyone knows how stressful it is to move home or office. First there is the planning of the check-list with timeline, then there is the packing, labeling of boxes, sealing up the boxes and the biggest headache is on the day of the moving and the unpacking part.  For an arduous job like moving, it would be advisable to hire a reputable moving company like the ones from Service Network. Selecting the right moving company can be a bit tough. Service Network provides the client with lots of useful information in order to attain the right mover and they will assist by matching the client to the right moving company. If you are looking for a reputable mover, there is no other place to look for one than at Service Network at

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Pregnancy at Week 31

That’s how big my belly is at week 31+.  Of my 3 pregnancies, my belly is the biggest this time and weight gain todate is 8.5kg.  I have finally decided to let the gynae at Sunway Medical Center deliver my baby since he is the one who delivered both Alycia and Sherilyn.  I have just returned from the gynae’s office and have already fixed a date for the elective c-section.   My baby’s weight is 2kg today…. no wonder I feel so heavy lately!  I’m praying that I will not go into preterm labor as I’ve had a couple of dreams that I was bleeding and went into labor! 

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Google Is Finally Paying Me

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when I saw a letter from Google AdSense.  The money in my account has finally reached USD50…. after 9 long months!  I am now required to log in to my Google AdSense account and enter the PIN number, which I have already done. However, the remaining steps to getting payment seems sooooo complicated and long. Google is asking me to click on links after links to read on. I am now trying to find the short way to getting payment by seeking advise from those of you who have already received payment from Google recently.

My question is after entering the PIN number, what am I supposed to do? Would really appreciate you explaining the steps to me. Thanks!

Sorry, my full name and address are for my eyes only 🙂

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Lion Dance Head

During the Chinese New Year, daddy brought home a liondance head from his shop. The gals who have always been intrigued with liondance were tickled pink to see the liondance head.

Alycia wasted no time and kept playing with the liondance head but Sherilyn was terrified of it. She would scream and cry each time Alycia got near her with the liondance head.  She would run and hide behind the couch….

and run to me and my mum. After several days, she finally overcame her phobia of the liondance head and started playing with it.

Alycia, Sherilyn and granny having fun with the liondance head.

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Caught Sleeping Again

My maid was caught sleeping on her job again, this time my mum caught her.  I have been waking up late myself lately and could not spot check on her.  When my mum woke up at around 7am today, she saw my maid walking out from her room with eyes half opened and ruffled hair, dragging her feet and butt to move.   When my mum asked her if she had just woken up, she said no.  I did not reprimand my maid as I did not see it myself and I am just so tired of scolding her everyday. Tomorrow, I will start to give her surprises spot checks agian.  Even my mum who is a very patient person told me that this maid is incorrigible, really ‘moa tuck kau’.

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Excelling In One’s Passion

I always believe that a person will excel in something that one has passion in.  My mum has a friend who sent her daughter to a university in the United States years ago and forced her to take up a degree that she has no interest in. The daughter soon dropped out of university and secretly enrolled herself in one of the renowned cosmetology schools michigan based and got herself a certificate in cosmetology. For 2 years, she had lied to her mum that she was studying in the university. When she graduated from the Regency Beauty Institute, the school got her a decent job and she excelled as a hairstylist. When her parents finally found out what she was doing, all hell broke loose for several months. To cut long story short, it was a happy ending.  Parental love is unconditional and her parents soon gave her some capital to open a hair salon and there was no looking back since then. This lady is now a successful and proud owner of a well-known hair salon in Ipoh.

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Don’t Call Me Fat!

Alycia is super sensitive whenever we comment that she’s fat.  She would go “no, you stop saying I am fat, I am not fat, you are fat” and will hit the person who passes the comment to her with her hands.   Last night as I was cleaning her up and getting her ready for bed, my mum jokingly said to Alycia “your stomach is so big, like mummy’s 3-month old pregnant stomach”.  She got so upset that she cried instantly.  I can’t believe that a 4-year old can get so personal and sensitive when such comments are passed to her.  Do you have a kid who is this sensitive as well?

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A Day Of Pigging Out

Today is going to be a day of pigging out for all of us.  First we will have eat-all-you-can dim sum at Sheraton Imperial.  When hubby renewed his membership with the Starwood Privilege Club, he was given 2 free dining vouchers at the Chinese restaurant of Sheraton Imperial.   Tonight, we will be attending hubby’s cousin’s 5th birthday party at a Japanese restaurant.   Though it’s going to be a day of eating out, I doubt I can stuff myself.  Lately, I hardly feel hungry and don’t have appetite to eat anything.  I always feel this way each time my pregnancy advances.  I just can’t wait to pop my baby out.

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