Alcohol Addiction Destroys Lives

I think a person who is addicted to alcohol will not take the effort to stay sober and to stay away from alcohol until her addiction has taken a toll on her own health. This is true for a friend of mine. It all began when she had a drink or two of beer with friends during parties after our graduation from high school. She was a party animal and would go clubbing at least twice a week. During these clubbing sessions, she would drink like a fish till she puked all over herself. She was obviously very addicted to clubbing and boozing. Her friends and I had advised her to stop drinking but she wouldn’t listen. Her boozing went on for many years until a blood test revealed that she has Hepatitis B, a disease that will cause liver damage. Her doctor advised her to go cold turkey on alcohol or risk losing her liver and her health.

If you, your friends or your loved ones are addicted to alcohol, the best thing to do now is to try and stay clean from it. If checking yourself into an Alcohol Rehab sounds too terrifying, you can read more about it at, a site dedicated to drug and alcohol addicts. This site aims to communicate and educate people about drug and alcohol addiction, treatment and rehabilitation. Don’t wait any further, alcohol addiction destroys lives. Do something good for yourself and your loved ones now.

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If you’re troubled by a serious drug addiction or suffer from alcohol abuse, there are alcohol treatment centers that dedicate to helping you in rehabilitation. If you are involved with both drugs and alcohol, there is dual diagnosis rehab to help also.

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Tasty Prawn Noodles

Does this bowl of Hokkien style prawn vermicelli make you salivate now?  As I am typing this post, I am already swallowing my saliva as I try to recapture how tasty this bowl of noodles was, with slices of pork, hard boiled egg, fresh big prawns and hot tasty soup.  I ate this at the newly opened Penang Gurney Drive Food Court @ Gardens, Mid Valley City on Monday.  This upscale food court carries a wide variety of authentic Penang hawkers’ food.

Hop on to my other blog to view pix of the other food that we had and to read reviews of them.  Make sure your tummy is full first, else it will rumble and tumble the whole day and night when you see those pix!

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Great Discovery This Year

Can we really buy something that’s really useful, long lasting and can be worn for just $8 these days? Maybe a low quality t-shirt sold by the streets? No, there’s something that I’ve discovered. I discovered that I can get Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses and other stylish prescription eyeglasses at just $8 at Zenni Optical. Isn’t that a great discovery : Zenni Optical can offer? Zenni Optical carries a wide selection of frames and all types of lenses at unbelievably low prices as they sell their own manufactured frames direct to customers. I would say that this new year the best thing found : Zenni Optical is truly amazing.

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You Can’t Fool Her

It’s really difficult to put Sherilyn to sleep, both during the day and at night.  Last night, I had a few assignments to churn out before they expire today.  So after laying on the bed for about 20 minutes with Alycia and Sherilyn, I got up and peeped at Alycia and Sherilyn.  In the dark, both of them appeared to be asleep.  Sherilyn was sucking her thumb contently and really appeared to be deep in her sleep.  I then quietly tried to get up from the mattress on the floor when I heard Sherilyn saying innocently “mummy, what are you looking for?”.   Shit…how did she know I was trying to leave the room?   I ignored her and pretended to go back to sleep.  Sherilyn has a habit of crying till she pukes in the middle of the night if she doesn’t see me in bed next to her.  After about 15 minutes, Sherilyn finally drifted to slumberland and I tip-toed out of the room to downstairs to do my work on the computer.

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Denver Magazine

If you live in or around Denver, you’ll be glad to know that there is a new and exciting magazine called Denver Magazine, a magazine that is published monthly to keep its readers informed of the latest happenings in the city. Denver Magazine is the magazine for everyone, whether you are a businessman or a politician, student or housewife.  It showcases a wide range of interesting topics ranging from local business to political and cultural buzz, health issues and articles, dining, vogue, automobiles, sports, entertainment, architecture, real estate, interior design, home furnishing and much more. To find out more about Denver Magazine, visit You can even subscribe to the magazine online.

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Little Ah Soh

Doesn’t Sherilyn look ridiculous wearing this long yellow necklace, like a little ‘Ah Soh’ (frumpy middle-aged woman)?  The necklace is actually a hair scrunchie with beads that I had given to my previous maid but she had left it behind. 

When my new cambodian maid was folding clothes in her room yesterday, the gals ransacked her room and fished out the hair scrunchie, pulled the hair scrunchie till the elastic became loose and long.  Sherilyn who always has lots of silly ideas put the hair scrunchie on and told me proudly that it’s her new necklace. 

She has been wearing the ridiculous looking necklace the whole of yesterday.  I know it’s a hazard for kids to be wearing such an item.  This morning, I told hubby and he discreetly took it away from Sherilyn and threw it away.

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Alycia Has A Superb Memory

Alycia has a superb memory with things that she has seen, or done, with places that she’s been to and she is now my walking reminder.  She can even remember things that she had done with her mah mah and koo koo (my youngest sil) from as far back as 2.5 years ago.  She can even remember many things that she had done with me which I don’t even remember them myself.

I always ask Alycia to remind me to do things.  I will ask her to remind me to make important calls and to do many things and she rarely failed to remind me on those things.  On Tuesday night, I told her to remind me and herself that she’s got PE the next day and she’s to wear her PE t-shirt and shorts.  The next morning, the moment she jumped out from bed, she shouted this to me as I was in the toilet – “mummy, today is Wednesday. I have to wear my PE t-shirt”.  I had totally forgotten about it!  

If Alycia has such superb memory and can remember so many things so well, I am sure she can remember words pretty well too and I just hope she would take the effort to remember and recognize words.

Do your kids have good memory too?

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Make Believe Disney At Home

These are Alycia and Sherilyn’s favorite friends from Disneyland.  As with most kids, they adore Pooh Bear, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Every other day, the girls will flip through the Astro TV Guide and stare at the pictures of their favorite Disney cartoon characters. They have been pestering daddy and I to bring them to Disneyland. We don’t have the money to bring them to Walt Disney World yet, so the best that daddy could do is to buy them DVDs of Disney cartoons and hang Disney buntings inside the house. When daddy has made enough money, we can get some Discount Disney World Tickets from and bring the girls to Orlando Disney World. I can imagine the sheer fun we are going to have in Disney World, Sea World and other fun-filled theme parks in Orlando. I just can’t wait for that day to come.

Pictures of Disney cartoons on the Astro TV Guide.

Disney buntings hung across the ceiling of our dining room.

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