PR Back

One of my blogging buddies got the PR back for her blog.  So what did she do?  She simply removed everything related to the Big G’s rival (the links, the codes, the banners) and re-submitted her blog to Big G.  Within 3 days, she got her PR back, simple as that.  Oh I was just drooling when she told me that a moment ago.  I will try her strategy on my dot com blog next month after the long P has paid me for my latest posts.  If this strategy works, I will do the same for my blogspot blog.  Hopefully I will get a good PR for my dot com blog after ditching the long P.  As for my blogspot blog, I have been dreaming of getting back my PR4.  I will even be glad if Google gives me  a PR3.

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My Terrible Sunday

My Sunday did not start off the the way I wanted it to be.  I woke up at 7am and wanted to clear an assignment before we go to the church but Sherilyn woke up too and I couldn’t do anything.  After breakfast, Sherilyn acted up and cried. Of course Miss Pukey puked, she pukes each time she cries, without fail.  We were already running late and she had caused a terrible mess everywhere – on the dining table, on herself, on the floor and on her high chair (which is the hardest to clean up and my maid had to push the chair out to the wet kitchen to wash it).  I was so mad with Sherilyn that I gave her a good caning.  I realize that each time we are in a hurry to go out, Sherilyn would deliberately act up, cry and puke.  We were really late and did not make it to church.  We went to have buffet lunch at Genji Japanese Restaurant at PJ Hilton and now hubby’s in the office again.

My heart aches now when I think back how I had caned Sherilyn this morning.  She seems to be really irritating me a lot these days with her unreasonable whining and cries and of course puking.  She is going through the exact phase that Alycia had gone through when Alycia was her age – all the unreasonable, irritating wimps and fancies, whining and melt downs, followed by all the canings from me.  Thank God, Alycia has mellowed down now.  I can’t imagine life with 2 unreasonable whining toddlers and a crying newborn baby demanding for my breasts the whole day in a few months’ time.  I hope things will be better then.

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