Busy Busy And Really Tired

The past one week has been hectic for me.  Hubby has been really busy with his catering business lately, which is good for us but we see him lesser.  He will normally do the marketing of vegetables, fish and fruits for us at the pasar malam every Friday but last Friday, my maid, the 2 girls and I had to walk to the pasar malam to do the marketing ourselves….. which is really tiring for me as the pasar malam is located quite a distance from where I stay (15 mins walk one way). 

Today I had to walk to the nearby van that sells vegetables and meat to do marketing – bought pork ribs, minced pork meat, fish paste, vegetables. etc.  then walked back to the house with Sherilyn tagging along.   After that, I walked to a shop near my house to collect my green peas cookies.  I didn’t want my maid to follow as she’s already so slow with her work.  If she follows me out, work will be piling up and I will have to end up helping her with the chores.

At 11:30am, I walked to Alycia’s pre-school to bring her back as hubby was unable to fetch her back today.  This time I brought my maid along so that she can help carry Alycia’s school bag and carry Sherilyn when we cross the road.  As I was walking back from the school, I visualized myself holding Alycia and Sherilyn on both sides, with my newborn baby clinging on to me in my sling, a few months down the road. I would really look like a frumpy Ah Soh with 3 daughters.  I should really ask hubby to get me a car as it is quite inconvenient without one now.  That was really a lot of walk for me today.  I won’t really mind if I wasn’t pregnant and don’t have painful varicose veins on my legs.

My maid is now frying a huge wok of vermicelli that can last us till dinner.  These days, I plan meals that are very simple to cook and do not require much preparation coz my maid is really slow.  If I ask her to prepare a meal with 3 dishes, say a chicken dish, a fish dish and a fried vege dish, she would take forever to cook them and forever to wash up the dishes. Yesterday, there were 2 huge baskets of clean laundry for her to fold and she could not finish folding them. Each time we needed clothes, we had to fish them out from the laundry basket ourselves.  I have already been relieving my maid from many chores now and I am doing some of the chores myself.  I just hope my new permanent maid will be more efficient and faster than this slow coach.

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