Mess-Free Magic Color

Alycia’s koo koo (my youngest sil) sent her a belated birthday present all the way from Saipan (an island in the U.S.) last week. It’s a Crayola magic set – consisting of magic color that’s truly magical. The pages in the coloring book are made of a special type of paper. Once the white color ink of the magic pen touches the special Crayola coloring book, the white ink turns into color.

This is really ideal for toddlers as it’s totally mess-free. I wonder if this is sold in Malaysia as I am thinking of buying the gals the coloring book when they have finished this one. Has anyone seen this in KL?

Sisters play turned awry when they fought with each other to color the book. Sherilyn snatched the marker while Alycia grabbed the book!  So koo koo, if you are reading this, buy 2 sets lar next time, the gals will surely fight if there’s only 1 set!

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Remedy For Nail Fungus

Have you been suffering from toenail fungus and can’t seem to find the right remedy for it?  I know how difficult it is to get rid of toe nail fungus as I once had it.  I would like to recommend you to visit and you can read all about nail fungus at this health site.  One of the treatments is ZetaClear, a topical anti-nail fungus remedy made of natural ingredients consisting tea tree oil, clove oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, Vitamin oil, among other active ingredients.  Why not give ZetaClear a try?  I read that it can solve toenail fungus effectively.

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