A Big Scare

I got a big scare this morning when I could not access both my blogs.  After my blog was downloaded, I got a message stating “Internet Explorer cannot open the internet website https://www.healthfreakmommy.com.  Operation aborted“.   When I checked my blogspot blog and got the same message, I quickly checked other blogs. Nope, I didn’t see that message in their blogs. I was so sure someone was trying to attack my blogs with some malicious virus.  I really freaked out when mamapumkin emailed me to tell me that she could not access both my blogs.  Chumsyashley also told me she couldn’t access my blogs.  I quickly reported the problem to my blog host and called the computer guy over to my place.   Minutes later, Chumsyashley SMSed me to tell me that she saw the same message appearing in a few other blogs too.  That gave me a tad relief….. that my blogs weren’t the only blogs who got the message.

About 2 hours later, the problem was finally resolved by itself.  Phew…. thank God my blogs were not hacked or attacked by some jealous freaks. 

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Happy Chinese New Year

Just want to wish all my readers celebrating Chinese New Year koong hei fatt tai choy (wishing that you will prosper greatly) and that everything will be soon soon lei lei (smooth sailing)  in the year of the Rat.  I guess most of you are already back at your hometown to be with your loved ones and looking forward to the long-awaited reunion dinner?  I am going to miss that with my parents this year as I am not traveling back to my hometown in Ipoh.  I just can’t take the traveling and the horrendous traffic jam on the highway as I now have a very sensitive uterus that hardens all the time. 

Hubby, the kids, the kids former sitter and I will be having  dinner at the Chinese restaurant of a hotel in PJ at 6pm tonight.  Yup, that’s the time allocated to us by the hotel.  Most restaurants will serve dinner at 2 timings – one at 5pm or 6pm and the next round will be at 8pm or 9pm due to overwhelming bookings.  Most people these days prefer to eat out instead of slogging in the kitchen.

Whether you eat out or have dinner at home, I wish everyone a fantastic CNY celebration.  Don’t indulge yourself too much in cookies and mandarin oranges ok?  You’ll have a tough time shedding off the extra pounds after the celebration 🙂

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