Loh Sung

‘Loh Sung’ or ‘Yee Sung’ – a must-have dish during Chinese New Year.  We had this measly plate of loh sung with ‘hoi jit’ (jelly fish) at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton last night and it was freaking expensive. 

Though expensive, we still ordered the smallest plate as it is considered something very ‘lai si’ or good luck / fortunate to have during CNY.  Before this dish is eaten,  it has been a practise that everyone on the dining table tosses all the ingredients in this dish together with chopsticks and say all the good things simultaneously, like good health, long life, good bonus, prosperous business, etc. etc.  The higher you toss the ingredients, the better! 

The ingredients of this dish consist of pomelo (a type of local fruit similar to the grapefruit),  deep fried noodles (and colored with red and green food coloring), crushed peanuts, lime juice, thick sour plum sauce, sesame seed oil, crackers, jelly fish, raw fish (salmon or ‘sang yee’), parsley, sliced ginger, sliced carrots, sesame seed, and much more. 

Do you like loh sung / yee sung?  I like it with jelly fish and lots of pomelo. 

Check out the price of this ‘loh sung’ and other delicious dishes that we ate here.

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Unbelievable Things My Maid Does

I hate to write about the things my new temp Cambodian maid does and about how incompetent she is but this one, I really must write about it.  It is something so lackadaisical and silly that I just can’t believe it.

This morning Alycia got up and as usual went to the toilet downstairs to do her daily poopie business.  I would normally bring Alycia to the toilet but this morning being the first day of CNY, I was busy with something else.   Minutes later, Alycia shouted out to me and said “mummy, kakak put the toilet brush inside the toilet bowl!”  I hurried to the toilet and saw a toilet brush sticking out from the toilet bowl with Alycia’s poop all over it!  (sorry for being gross).  I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.  How could my maid have done such a careless thing… to leave the toilet brush inside the toilet bowl after washing it?   I called out to my maid and told her to put the pooped covered toilet brush into 2 layers of plastic bag and to quickly put it into the dustbin outside our house.  

Everyday, throughout the day, I would have to tell her how forgetful she is coz she is really forgetful and scattered brain and does things half-heartedly and incomplete.  She would leave the dish washing sponge lying in the sink after washing the dishes, she would not throw rubbish and I am the one who has to do it and remind her to do it as well,  she never hangs wet towels outside to dry after bathing the gals but leave it on my bed, she would forget to wipe the dining table after our meals, loves to say “I don’t know” (which really irritate me) and much more.  But this one is really terrible. 

Minutes later, as she was bringing the laundry basket full of dirty clothes to the wet kitchen, she knocked Sherilyn’s face (almost hit her eyes) with the heavy laundry basket which caused Sher to wail her lungs out. 

Later, when I took out some Tupperware containers to store peanuts, I was shocked to find that there was water inside these containers when the lids were opened. She must have kept the containers when they were still wet.   

No wonder she was rejected by her previous employer after 5 months.  And as an employer, we would ask why we have to pay someone so incompetent RM750  a month, which is RM300 more than a maid from Indonesia.  I am now paying my maid agent RM800 a month for this maid until my new permanent maid arrives since she’s a temp maid.  Really kek sei ngor!

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Protect Your Identity

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