Boring CNY

This year’s Chinese New Year is one of the most boring ones for me.  Normally we would all be back in Ipoh to celebrate CNY but since I can’t travel, we have to stay put in KL. Back in Ipoh, there would be a lot of visiting done and meeting up with my old classmates.  I thought I could catch up on my sleep but nope, I have lesser of it in fact.  On CNY’s eve, I did not manage to sleep until about 3-4am as there were sounds of blasting fire crackers throughout the night and I am a very light sleeper.  This morning, Alycia woke me up at 5am as she had wet her pants – overloaded diaper.  I then washed her up and changed her.  Alycia who is 4 years old is still wearing diapers to sleep at night.  Yup, I admit I have been procrastinating to toilet train her at night as I am just plain lazy and tired.  One of my New Year’s resolution is to train Alycia to go diaperless at night this year. 

Since I could not get back to sleep, I went downstairs to do some work on my computer.  I also wanted to spot check my new maid and see why she’s so slow in her work.  I went back to sleep at 6:45am and woke up at 8:30am.  It’s been almost a year since I last woke up this late! 

Lunch was simple.  The girls’ former sitter had given us some ‘loh hon cai’ (vegetarian dish) yesterday and we had not eaten it yet as we ate out the whole of yesterday.  Today, I just reheated the vegetarian dish and also cooked macaroni & cheese with chopped french beans for the girls.  Tonight, I will be steaming half a chicken, cook ‘lap mei’ rice (rice with Chinese pork sausages and liver sausages), reheat some pork ribs that the girls’ sitter cooked earlier this week and cook brocolli with ‘tau kan’ (vegetarian dish) and Pacific clams.   I have also boiled a pot of nice soup (old cucumber with duck’s kidney, pork ribs, soya bean and red dates – supposed to ‘har for’ or eliminate heatiness from the body).

We may bring the girls to MegaKidz @ Mid Valley tomorrow.  These days, I just don’t feel like going out too much as I get tired very easily.  This year’s CNY is indeed very quiet and ‘unhappening’ for us. 

How was your CNY?  I bet everyone is having a swell time with your family and friends.

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