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Our Dinner On The First Day Of CNY

On Chor Yat (1st day of CNY), we had buffet dinner at Lemon Grass Coffee House @ Shangri-La Hotel.  During major festivals, Shang card members are not entitled to the 50% discount for 2 diners.  Instead, they are only granted a 10% discount.  Despite getting only a 10% discount, the dinner was still very much cheaper than the dinner we had at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton the night before.

I should not have opted for the buffet as I had eaten very little.  These days, I just don’t seem to feel hungry. My ballooning uterus must have cramped up my intestines and other organs.  It was worst during CNY when there were so many occasions of eating out.  The food at the buffet spread was really good but I just did not feel like eating  anything but still forced some grub into my tummy.  The big fresh prawns, salmon, lobsters and sashimi at the raw food counter were really good but too bad I couldn’t eat any of those.  I’m counting down to the days I can finally touch those stuff…. 2 more months to go + 1 month confinement!

What really whetted my appetite was the ice-cream corner.  I had banana yoghurt and kiwi yoghurt ice-cream (which were not sweet at all, perfect for my taste bud) whilst hubby had a bowl of delicious teppanyaki ice-cream.  The choice of condiments and toppings for the teppenyaki ice-cream was not as wide as at the Coffee House @ Westin Hotel, but it was still good enough.

First, pick your choice of ice-cream flavor.

Then, the teppanyaki ice-cream chef will mash up the ice-cream with the choice of toppings and condiments ranging from cookies to M&Ms, nuts, dried fruits, fresh strawberries and much more.

 The mashed ice-cream is then put into a bowl.  You can top up the ice-cream further with some chocolate, strawberry or mango sauce and more toppings.

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The Chinese And Their Association With Gold

The Chinese really love to display their jewelry during festivals like Chinese New Year and during weddings. During such occasions, I would see my relatives – young and old, regardless of gender wearing sparkling gold jewelry from head to toe. ‘Decorating’ one’s body with gold jewelry is like a symbol of status – the more gold you have on your body signifies one’s affluence. I remember when I was a little girl, my mum would remove most of her gold jewelry from her safe deposit box in the bank during Chinese New Year and accessorize herself and me with these blinking gold jewelry.

One of my mum’s most prized possession was a gold bullion pendant. She would only wear the pendant during Chinese New Year and at wedding dinners. I think her gold bullion pendant would have worth almost double or triple the price that she had bought it 20 years ago as the prices of gold are at an all time high now and are expected to rise further. Therefore, it is a good time to invest in gold now. If you would like to buy gold bullion, let me recommend you to, the leading gold and precious metals investment leader in America for over 40 years.

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