I Can’t Stand My Cambodian Anymore

It’s the 3rd week she’s with us now and I have been telling myself to be patient, patient and more patient with her but I’ve had it.  I’m exhausting myself and risking my pregnancy just because of her incompetence and ‘blurness’.   I can still accept the bizarre things that she does but I just can’t stand the way she works – so terribly slow and her blurness.  She even walks slow.  When she first came, I thought she hurt her legs and had to slouch and walk slowly but now, I realize that it’s the way she walks – so slow like an old grandmother. 

With my former maid, though she was really sociable and had problems with boyfriends, her work was really good.  I need not lift my fingers much to do housework.  With this slow coach Cambodian maid, I have to do many things myself.  If I weren’t pregnant, I would not really mind but with my ultra sensitive uterus that’s contracting and tightening most of the time, doing all these chores, especially bathing the kids (which is quite a back-breaking task) is really torturous.

Just a moment ago, she made Alycia puke – the third time in 2 weeks.  She doesn’t seem to know how to brush Alycia’s teeth.  Each time she touches Alycia’s mouth with the hanky or toothbrush, Alycia would puke.  I’ve told her not to brush Alycia’s teeth but that forgetful lady forgot again.  I was busy cleaning up Sherilyn and preparing her for bed in the bathroom in my room when I heard Alycia puking in the bathroom outside my room.  The entire bathroom floor was filled with her vomit and my blur maid just stood there looking lost and blur.  I then told my maid to clean up the mess on the floor and to quickly wash Alycia up.  When I went out minutes later to check on her, the blur lady was walking from room to room searching for something with poor Alycia naked in the bathroom.  I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was looking for some papers to wipe the vomit.  When she said that, I was really pissed off with her.  I told her that she could have just used water to wash off the vomit since it’s on the bathroom floor.  That silly girl then used the bathroom brush / broom to sweep the vomit!  Of course the vomit got stuck to the broom.  I was just seething with anger looking at her.  I wanted to show her how to wash off the vomit but poor Alycia was naked and had vomit all over her body and Sherilyn was telling me she wanted to poo poo…. oh what an opportune time to want to poo poo when I have already washed her up all clean and put her pjs on.  In the end, I dragged both gals into my room –  put Sher on the toilet to poo poo whilst I cleaned Alycia up.  I hate washing them up coz I had to squat and squatting down means squeezing my big belly and that causes more tightenings on my belly.

That’s not it, as I am typing this post, my careless maid has just broken a ceramic spoon in the kitchen.  She has also forgotten to turn off the shower in the bathroom upstairs and I have just reminded her to go upstairs to turn it off.   How can I just go to sleep in peace every night?  I can only pray that my new permanent maid will arrive very soon and that she will be much much better than this blur and slow coach. 

I hope I am not boring you with my maid stories everyday but she’s really affecting my life.  I guess I should be thankful that at least I still have a maid, albeit a blur and super slow one to help me out.

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Sensitive Uterus

I did mention in my earlier posts before that I have a very sensitive uterus.  When I was carrying Alycia, I was ordered by my Ob&G to be on partial bed-rest as I had frequent contractions that started at week 20.  My tummy would harden and get cramped when I needed to pee, to poo, when I ate, when I was under stress, when I moved too much, when I was in a car ride, etc.   Basically, my uterus is just ultra sensitive to movements.  Any activity that touches the uterus would make my uterus hardened.  My cervix also shortened at week 20+ and I was told by my Ob&G that if I did not take leave from work, I would go into pre-term labor.  The same thing happened when I was carrying Sherilyn but my cervix did not shorten this time.

I have been getting these hardenings on my tummy and contractions for the past 2 weeks.  It’s worst when I have to bathe the gals, squat down, get up from a lying position, need to pee and poo, when under stress and when I move my body too much. The hardenings were pretty bad yesterday.   Yesterday, 2 of my hubby’s aunts came to our house for dinner.  By the time my helper finished washing up everything, it was already way past 12 midnight.  I had been standing and working in the kitchen almost the whole day – teaching my helper how to make a pot of good soup, helping out hubby’s aunt when she cooked, boiling water, washing bottles, bringing food out from the fridge, storing leftover food in containers, bathed the girls and checking everything before I went upstairs to sleep just to make sure my careless helper did not leave any unfinished food in the wet kitchen till the next morning.  Had I not helped out, I think my helper wouldn’t be able to sleep until 2am.  I was really exhausted yesterday.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the fetal specialist.  I’ll see what Dr Patrick has to say about these hardenings on my tummy.  Hopefully my cervix has not shortened this time, else I would have to be on partial bed-rest again.

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Sell Your Endowment Policy If You Need The Money

Most of us will go through a time in our lives where we need a large sum of money for some important and urgent matters. Some of us may need the money to pay our children’s college or university fees, some may need the money to get married or even to get divorced, to settle mounting debts, to finance a major purchase, to start a business and for many other purposes.

When hubby and I decided to get married 8 years ago, we did not have sufficient money. Those of you who had gone through a Chinese wedding will know how much money will be spent. The groom will have to pay the bride’s parents a hefty sum as dowry and that figure normally consists of an auspicious figure like $3,333, $8,888, $9,999 or even more if the bride’s parents demand for more.  The biggest part of the money will be spent on the wedding dinner which would range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  Money would also be spent on other items like jewelry, wedding gowns, bridal make-up, photography, video, wedding favors, honeymoon and much more. Luckily hubby did not have to resort to surrendering or selling his insurance endowment policy to finance our wedding expenses as we got a little financial assistance from his relatives.

If you are in need of some cash and have considered surrendering your endowment policy, you will be glad to know that you can now sell your endowment to Endowment Express, an endowment broker who helps endowment policyholders sell their endowment policies for much more than if they just surrendered it to a life insurance company. Just hop on to endowmentexpress.co.uk and leave the job of selling your endowment policy to them.  Endowment Express is able to help you sell your endowment policy for up to 35% more than the policy surrender value.

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