Pregnancy at 30th Week – Ultrasound Scan

I went for my 30th week detailed scan at the fetal specialist’s office yesterday.  As usual, baby is really shy and keeps covering her mouth with her hands.  My Ob&G kept shaking my tummy with the probe to make her budge her hand.  Finally after about 15 minutes, she moved her hand away briefly and my Ob&G managed to capture a shot of her full face….. but I am not showing anyone her full face just yet – am keeping everyone in suspense, haha.   The ultrasound scan cost a whopping RM150 and consultation fee RM150 each time I see him.  The pix of the scan are saved into a CD which is given to patients free.

My dr. said that baby’s weight is good, ie at 1.5kg and growing well.  Everything looks good apart from her right kidney that still looks slightly dilated but my dr kept reassuring me that the problem will resolve by itself after birth.  As for me, I have todate gained 8kg and feeling really fat and heavy.

I am in a dilemma now.  You see, both Alycia and Sherilyn were delivered at Sunway Medical Center as this hospital is the nearest to where I lived previously.  Now that I have moved to KL, SYMC is too far for us to travel.  I am really comfortable and feel safer if this baby is being delivered by the same dr who delivered Aly and Sher at SYMC as he has my medical records and knows my history.  However, the distance really turns me off.  Dr Patrick (my fetal specialist) delivers babies at Pantai Medical Center and my fertility specialist delivers babies at Gleneagles Medical Center in Ampang.  I am really undecided on which dr to choose to deliver my baby.  Pantai Medical Center would be the nearest to where I stay, i.e. 10-15 mins drive.   Tough decision to make….

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If I Visit Canada

If I could visit Canada, I would really love to visit my good blogging pals, Mamabok (Jan) who lives in Nova Scotia and Sweetiepie who lives in British Columbia. Mamabok is one of the first few readers of my blog and she has since been a very loyal reader of my blog and I must thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving my blog the support right from the very start. She visits my blog almost everyday and never fails to leave a comment. Sweetiepie (Marcia) is another loyal reader of my blog and I really admire her frankness and humility.

I am not too sure what places of attraction there are in Nova Scotia and if I visit Nova Scotia, I would really need Jan to bring me around for sightseeing, would you mind doing that Jan? If I visit British Columbia, I would definitely want to have a skiing trip in Mount Whistler, the biggest and most varied ski area in North America. Other than Nova Scotia and British Columbia, I would really love to visit the Niagara Falls in Ontario, one of the most amazing wonders of the world.

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