Happy Valentine’s Day

Just want to wish all my readers a very happy Valentine’s Day.  It’s just another ordinary day for me and I didn’t even realize it’s V’s Day until hubby bought a cake home in the afternoon.  No, no, the cake is not so much for us to cut under dim lightings with a bottle of champagne and a stalk of rose between hubby’s lips.  It’s more for his 2 precious angels to cut and to blow the candles.  Ever since the gals came along, we hardly celebrate V’s Day.  Oh how I miss those days where we will buy each other gifts and go for lor man dinners in restaurants with dim lightings, followed by a hot night, ahem *clears throat*….  

The gals and I are still waiting for daddy to come home to cut the cake. They don’t want to take their bath yet.  He’s been really busy with his work lately.

So how did you celebrate your V’s Day? 

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Simple Lunch

When my former maid was around, I can just tell her to cook anything that we wanted to eat, almost anytime – fried noodles, fried mee, pancakes, crepes, mac and cheese, tumeric chicken, fried chicken, loh hon chai (vegetarian dish), fried fish, burgers, etc – just any dish that I’d taught her, she will know how to cook it the second time.  With my new blur and super slowcoach maid who forgets almost everything that I tell her, our lunch and dinner are super simple and easy now. 

Last week, the girls only had sandwiches for lunch on most days coz mummy was too busy and kakak was super slow. In fact, they (especially Sherilyn who eats nothing but bread, egg, fish balls and milk) enjoyed the simple sandwiches much more than a complete meal. I made them sandwiches with fried egg, butter and chicken floss and peanut butter and cheese.

See how much they are enjoying their simple lunch with fresh milk here.

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