Happy 3rd Birthday Sherilyn



On this day 3 years ago, I gave birth to my 2nd miracle.  When I heard her first cries in the OT, I had tears in my eyes.  I had delivered Sherilyn via elective c-section, just like how I delivered Alycia.  Back in the ward, when I saw her face, I was a tad disappointed that she did not look as pretty and as fair as her cheh cheh Alycia.  Her eyes were not as big as cheh cheh and there were no double eyelids on her eyes.  She was very red,  black and hairy all over.  Nevertheless, she has a sweet dimple on each side of her cheek and had sweet lips. She also has a head full of black hair.  I kept asking the pediatrician why she was so hairy and he told me that the hair would shed as she grows older and that the blackish marks on her body would also fade away in time to come.  Now, she has grown fairer, cuter and prettier. Over the months and years, my love for Sherilyn grew stronger and stronger.  

Sherilyn started to talk and walk at 9 months, which was really fast.  I had started her on the Glenn Doman program at 2 months.  I flashed words and Math dots cards to her, read to her a lot and I made her crawl and creep tons.  Sher is developing very well and is full of bright and cunning ideas and really knows how to douse the flame in my heart when she has made me mad. 

At 3 years old now, Sher is really cheeky, mischievous, smart, bold, hyperactive and really knows how to melt everyone’s heart, especially daddy’s and mummy’s.  We all love her so very much. 

Sherilyn, Daddy and Mummy hope you will not be so naughty and will not give mummy anymore heart attacks.  When you broke your forehead 2 days ago, daddy and mummy’s hearts were crushed.   

That’s how naughty you are.  You can never sit still.  That’s why you broke your forehead 2 days ago and broke your left thumb 2 years ago.

Happy 3rd birthday Sherilyn darling!

We’ll be celebrating Sher’s birthday at a Korean restaurant tonight so stay tuned for the updates……

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Our Maid Is Treating Our Place Like Her Own

Several days ago, I told my Cambodian maid that she could help herself to the basket full of mandarin oranges in the kitchen.  I didn’t mind her eating 2-3 oranges a day but this morning when I saw the wet kitchen floor scattered with mandarin orange seeds and skin, I was fuming mad.  Only yesterday I had told her to be careful not to leave the seeds on the floor of our dry kitchen and today, she threw the seeds on the wet kitchen floor!   This young lady really needs some guidance in civilization and manners.

Last night, I told her that she could have a few slices of the Valentine’s Day cake for breakfast.  When I searched the fridge for the cake to eat this afternoon, I could not find the cake.  I then saw the empty cake box in the wet kitchen!   When I asked my maid if she had finished the entire cake, she said yes!!  Oh boy, I think this lady is just too much.  From today onwards, I should be really explicit with her when I give her instructions.  Maybe she misunderstood me as she always seems blur and always says ‘yes’, though she may not clearly understand what I am trying to say.  Next time, I should tell her clearly how many slices of bread or cake she can eat, else she will gobble down everything that we leave in the fridge.   Tonight, I should tell her clearly not to finish off Sherilyn’s birthday cake, else that young lady can really chomp down the entire Pooh Bear cake in one day. 

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