Labeling Of Meat

When my former maid was around, I didn’t have to help her out or supervise her much when it comes to organizing the household and cooking. Whenever I bought meat back from the market or supermarket, she would know what to do. With this super blur maid, I have to label all the meat that I have bought like this :

If I don’t label the meat, she would not know what meat is inside each plastic bag as all the meat look alike when they are frozen. With the labeling, it is easy for her and for me to find the type of meat that we want to cook and we will know when the meat was bought coz it’s always first in first out.

My maid putting fresh fish paste into containers before labeling them and freezing them.

Do you label your meat too before freezing them?

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Light Meals For Me

As my belly is becoming bigger each day, I can only stomach light meals but frequent meals throughout the day.  A heavy meal would leave me feeling really uncomfortable and at times have slight heartburn.  After breakfast of a hard boiled egg, some fruits, a glass of fresh milk, a handful of almonds and some cookies almost everyday, I would only have appetite for something really light for lunch like Canapés with butter, chicken floss and Japanese cucumber or a piece of toast.   I really admire some preggy women who can eat a big plate of nasi lemak for breakfast,  a big bowl of noodles for lunch and a big plate of rice with 3-4 dishes for dinner.  I can never eat like this, during all 3 of my pregnancies. 

Did you have a good appetite when you were preggers? 

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Russian Dating Website

Last week I had a Chinese New Year reunion with some of my old friends at a pub. Some of the waitresses there were Russian women and I tell you, they are really gorgeous. One of our friends who is still a bachelor was eyeing those Russian waitresses with blonde hair and they appeared rather demure. I have read that Russian girls are not only beautiful, they are also taught from young to be kind-hearted and they possess grace and character. We were joking with our friend and told him that he should register himself with this Russian dating website called and meet beautiful girls from Russian, Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries. Who knows, he might even find a girlfriend as beautiful as Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova from this dating website.

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