Yet Another Accident

Last night I told my maid to watch over the gals as I wanted to brush my teeth.  Minutes later, I heard a loud bang followed by Sherilyn wailing her lungs out.  I dashed out of the bathroom and saw Sherilyn on the floor and her hand covering her face. When I removed her hand, I saw a cut on her right cheek and it was turning blue black.   I was really fuming mad with my maid as I had asked her to watch over the gals, yet an accident could happen.  She was playing catching with the gals in the gals’ room and Sherilyn had fell and knocked her cheek on the air purifier machine.  

I just can’t believe Sherilyn’s misfortunes as she’s terribly clumsy and very prone to accident since young.  Most of the time the accidents occured when I was having my bath or doing something else and my maid had to babysit her.  I have now developed a terribly phobia whenever I lose sight of her. 

Cheeky girl with a cheeky grin – looking like an abused child, with a cracked forehead (left side) and a cut and bruise on her cheek (above her right dimple)!

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Did She Mean To Steal?

When I went into the laundry room to look for my clothes today, I found a lot of rubbish that my maid has collected from our dustbins – things that we have thrown.  I found some wrapping papers (from Sherilyn’s birthday pressies), a new sharpener (Sher’s birthday pressie), some crayons and coloring books that I had thrown away.  I also found my bathroom slippers hidden under the old sewing machine.  As usual, I was fuming mad with the discovery.  First, she is putting these filthy rubbish in the laundry room and our clothes are all near the rubbish.  Secondly, why was the new sharpener and my bathroom slippers hidden there?  When I questioned my maid, she told me that Sir (my hubs) threw the sharpener away.  She just gave me her usual silly smile when I asked her why my bathroom slippers were hidden under the sewing machine.  The fact that I saw her happily wearing them for the past 2 mornings showed that she likes the slippers.   I gave her a piece of my mind and told her that in future, anything that she wants to keep, she has to get permission from me first. Wouldn’t you be mad too if you were me?

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My Maid Really Needs To Buckle Up

I’ve had enough of my Cambodian maid’s forgetfulness, lack of enthusiasm, slowness and carelessness in her work. I was so pissed off with her yesterday and today that I gave her an ultimatum – to shape up or ship out and I really mean it. This morning at around 7:30am, I found her sleeping at 7:30am in the storeroom. When I woke her up, she acted as if nothing had happened and continued to fold the laundry leisurely. I was really pissed off with her as morning time is always the busiest time and she took a nap at that time. She has this look of apathy and lack of energy in her that I think she really needs a dose of kratom from to energize her body and to ease her mind.  I have spoken to my maid agent and he told me that he will send me a new temporary maid, this time from Indonesia but then again, she’s another rejected maid.  Gosh, I wonder when my new permanent maid will ever arrive.  I am just so pissed off with this maid agent and feel like I am taken for a ride.

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