Sherilyn Used Bombastic Words

This is a backdated post.

This happened about 2 months ago when we brought Sherilyn along to the fetal specialist’s office.  After I had seen the doctor,  hubby, my maid, Sherilyn and I were waiting at the reception area to pay.  There were many patients seated at the reception area.  Sherilyn was ‘entertaining’ the patients with her antics and she struck a conversation with a couple.  Later, she took out a pamphlet on the Pnuemococal (spelling?)  jab where there was a picture of a baby with a diaper filled with poop.  She showed the couple the pamphlet and said this to the couple “see, baby poo poo in the diaper. Eeeeuuuu….. so disgusting”.   The couple broke out laughing and was so amazed that Sherilyn could use the word ‘disgusting’.  Hubby, my maid and I also burst out laughing as Sherilyn was really funny and I was really surprised that she actually remembered the word ‘disgusting’ as I had used this word a couple of times when she did something revolting.   Kids can really absorb words like a sponge and they love to surprise you with what they have learned every now and then and I love surprises like this.

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No Opps

I can’t believe I have been unable to grab a single opp from 3P for more than a week now.  I’ve seen plenty of $50 and $10 opps for me in my list of opps but all of them were shaded in grey. I see it as a blessing in disguise as I plan to ditch 3P and resubmit my dot com blog to Google for a consideration to get a PR.  One of my blogging pals did just that and she got back a PR3 for her blog. 

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Extravagant Proposal And Wedding

I am sure almost the whole nation had read about the young Chinese chap who spent more than RM40k on the ginormous billboard to propose to his lovely sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and spent another RM15k on a diamond ring.  It was in the front page of the newspapers and was the talk of the town.  Everyone was amazed how this young chap had the money to splurge on the expensive billboard proposal but very few people knew that his dad actually owns the billboard company. I am sure if you were the girl, you too would have been swept off your feet instantly and accepted the proposal without any second thoughts, right?  I am sure their Wedding Planning is underway now and that it will be an elaborate wedding that costs a bomb.  This really sounds like a fairytale proposal and wedding. Lucky girl!

For those getting married soon, there are beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands for the bride as well as the groom online. You can browes the different selections ofdiamond rings for any occasion online.

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The Downside Of Attending Pre-School

Alycia has picked up another bad habit from pre-school. For the past one week, she loves to put her hands together with  both her forefingers pointing out and 2 thumbs straight up to form a ‘gun’ and she would say “piang, piang, piang”  as she says “I will kill you” to my mum. I have never shown her this before and have never said those words too.  I have also never given her the opportunity to watch such movies on TV.  I am very sure she had learned this from the little boys in pre-school. My mum and I were really shocked and displeased with this bad behavior and have warned her and scolded her but to no avail in stopping her from doing it. In fact, the more we reprimanded her, the more intense her actions were.  I notice that this is very common in kids and I hope it is just a passing phase that a toddler would go through.

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Interesting Maid Stories

My mum and I have just discovered one of the reasons why our Cambodian maid is super slow in her work.  Can you beat it that she takes more than 2 hours to clean our bedrooms upstairs everyday?  Well, my mum found out why yesterday.  Yesterday, my mum read an exercise book that my maid keeps to write her English and Cambodian words.  In the book were pages full of stories that she has copied from my kids’ story books and electronic story book.  She must have spent a lot of time copying the entire story book into her exercise book when she is upstairs cleaning the room or when we leave her at home in the morning when I bring Sherilyn out for a walk.  

Last week, we were all searching high and low for the Snow White story book that my mum had bought for the gals from Ipoh.  We asked our maid if she had seen it but she said no and pretended to look for it under the bed and everywhere.  The next day, she told us that she found the book behind a plastic cabinet in my mum’s room and we believed her.  I am now wondering if she had the intention of keeping the story book coz there is no reason why the story book would be behind the plastic cabinet.  Also, this is the story book that she had copied the entire story into her exercise book.  She must have thought that we would not notice it as my gals have too many story books.  I am also now believing that she also had the intention of keeping my bedroom slippers when I found it behind the sewing machine in the laundry room.  This is where she puts her bag and belongings.  When I asked her why she kept my slippers there, she just gave me her usual silly smile.

I hardly have the time to go upstairs to supervise her when she cleans the room.  I guess I have to spot check her from today onwards.  

This Cambodian maid sleeps at 12 – 12:30am almost everyday.  My former maid could go to bed by 10:30pm -11pm.   Just before going to bed,  this Cambodian maid would go into the laundry room and close the door, thinking that I will not see it as I would be upstairs putting the gals to bed. I always wonder what she does inside the room and sleep so late at night.  The agent has told her explicitly that she cannot close the room door when she works.  When I asked her why she closed the door, she just gave me her silly smile again. 

I was beginning to have pity on her and have told her not to help me prepare the kids for bed and I have also reduced some of the household chores.  After this discovery this morning, I don’t think I will have pity on her anymore.   With my previous maid, I need not have to do much work but with this maid whom I have to pay more than double for her salary, I even have to do more work myself and stress myself up.   If I were not having a 3rd baby soon, I will really consider doing without a live-in maid  but it looks like I now have to hire a live-in maid for at least another 4 more years. 

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The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

My hubby and I used to have romantic candlelight dinners at classy restaurants followed by a trip to the movies each Valentine’s Day before the kids came along. He would also surprise me flowers or gifts. Ever since Alycia and Sherilyn came along, the romance seemed to have slowly waned and we have been so busy with our own work and the kids that we don’t even have time to buy each other gifts anymore. I have always been telling hubby that he owes me a real big Valentine’s Day gift and one of these days, he should compensate me by giving me a big gift. A romantic getaway on a Mexico Vacation would be ideal. I’ve heard that the luxury all-inclusive resorts by Karisma Hotels are perfect for lovebirds. These luxury resorts are specially catered to those who seek an ultimate romantic vacation where lovebirds will be pampered with the finest things in life. I am really dreaming for the day to come when hubby surprises me with a romantic vacation, just the two of us.

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