Seoul Korea Korean Restaurant

We had Korean food at Seoul Korea Korean Restaurant @ Taman Desa, Old Klang Road on Sunday last week.  This restaurant who is owned by a Korean woman serves homecooked Korean food, cooked by the owner’s mother herself.  The food is really delicious.  What I really like was the huge variety of Korean appetisers which are given on the house if a set dish is ordered.  Since we ordered 2 set dishes (a BBQ beef and a beef steamboat),  we were given unlimited replenishable delicious appetisers.  The appetisers alone were enough to fill us up, even before the main course came.

The waiter preparing the BBQ beef.

The BBQ beef wrapped up in raw lettuce leaves and chunks of raw garlic – very delicious!

The beef steamboat set – the beef broth was really rich and tasty.

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Sherilyn’s Bandage Is Finally Off

The bandage on Sherilyn’s cracked forehead is finally off today, 8 days after the fall on Valentine’s Day.  The wound is still red but has already closed.   This hyperactive monkey does not seem to be afraid of falling and is still climbing up and down and hanging everywhere like a primate and driving everyone in the house up the wall.  Even my mum who is very patient cannot tolerate Sherilyn’s mischief and pranks that cause us heart attacks all the time.  The only time when she can sit still is when she sleeps or wathes TV, other wise she will be jumping around like a jumping bean.  I wonder where her endless stamina and energy come from since she doesn’t eat much.

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Unique Flowers For A Unique Wedding

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Alycia Wants To Be A Baby Again

The day our new temp Cambodian maid arrived, Alycia knew what she wanted from the maid.  She tried to be chummy with the maid and was very nice to her….. but she has an ulterior motive.  From day one, she has been asking kakak to carry her everywhere.  When she comes back from school, kakak will carry her from the car into the house, before and after her bath, kakak will carry her and she will also make kakak piggy ride with her too.

This is a typical scene everyday, after Alycia’s bath.

I’ve warned Alycia endless times not to make kakak carry her but she never listens.  I guess she misses being carried around like a baby and she knows that mummy can’t carry her like that anymore.  I am really worried that my stick-thin and frail looking maid will accidentally drop her on the floor one day.

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Buying A Used Vehicle At The Click Of The Mouse

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