Lion Dance Head

During the Chinese New Year, daddy brought home a liondance head from his shop. The gals who have always been intrigued with liondance were tickled pink to see the liondance head.

Alycia wasted no time and kept playing with the liondance head but Sherilyn was terrified of it. She would scream and cry each time Alycia got near her with the liondance head.  She would run and hide behind the couch….

and run to me and my mum. After several days, she finally overcame her phobia of the liondance head and started playing with it.

Alycia, Sherilyn and granny having fun with the liondance head.

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Caught Sleeping Again

My maid was caught sleeping on her job again, this time my mum caught her.  I have been waking up late myself lately and could not spot check on her.  When my mum woke up at around 7am today, she saw my maid walking out from her room with eyes half opened and ruffled hair, dragging her feet and butt to move.   When my mum asked her if she had just woken up, she said no.  I did not reprimand my maid as I did not see it myself and I am just so tired of scolding her everyday. Tomorrow, I will start to give her surprises spot checks agian.  Even my mum who is a very patient person told me that this maid is incorrigible, really ‘moa tuck kau’.

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Excelling In One’s Passion

I always believe that a person will excel in something that one has passion in.  My mum has a friend who sent her daughter to a university in the United States years ago and forced her to take up a degree that she has no interest in. The daughter soon dropped out of university and secretly enrolled herself in one of the renowned cosmetology schools michigan based and got herself a certificate in cosmetology. For 2 years, she had lied to her mum that she was studying in the university. When she graduated from the Regency Beauty Institute, the school got her a decent job and she excelled as a hairstylist. When her parents finally found out what she was doing, all hell broke loose for several months. To cut long story short, it was a happy ending.  Parental love is unconditional and her parents soon gave her some capital to open a hair salon and there was no looking back since then. This lady is now a successful and proud owner of a well-known hair salon in Ipoh.

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Don’t Call Me Fat!

Alycia is super sensitive whenever we comment that she’s fat.  She would go “no, you stop saying I am fat, I am not fat, you are fat” and will hit the person who passes the comment to her with her hands.   Last night as I was cleaning her up and getting her ready for bed, my mum jokingly said to Alycia “your stomach is so big, like mummy’s 3-month old pregnant stomach”.  She got so upset that she cried instantly.  I can’t believe that a 4-year old can get so personal and sensitive when such comments are passed to her.  Do you have a kid who is this sensitive as well?

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A Day Of Pigging Out

Today is going to be a day of pigging out for all of us.  First we will have eat-all-you-can dim sum at Sheraton Imperial.  When hubby renewed his membership with the Starwood Privilege Club, he was given 2 free dining vouchers at the Chinese restaurant of Sheraton Imperial.   Tonight, we will be attending hubby’s cousin’s 5th birthday party at a Japanese restaurant.   Though it’s going to be a day of eating out, I doubt I can stuff myself.  Lately, I hardly feel hungry and don’t have appetite to eat anything.  I always feel this way each time my pregnancy advances.  I just can’t wait to pop my baby out.

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I Am Hoping For A Surprise On My Birthday

I can’t believe I will be 35 years old in a month’s time. OMG, I am now a middle-aged mother of 2, soon-to-be mother of 3 and I hope I will not suffer mid-life crisis. I’ve even heard that some women as young as in their mid thirties suffer from pre-menopause! Boy, I really do feel old but thank God, there are still many people who have been telling me that I don’t look like I am in my thirties. My former boss once told me that I can even pass off as a teenager LOL!  My friend asked me the other day how I am going to celebrate my birthday. Well, beats me, I really haven’t given it a thought yet on how I intend to spend my birthday but I hope my dear hubby would surprise me with some lovely fresh mini calla lilies flown all the way from Ecuador. I love this type of trumpet-shaped flowers and my favorite are the mango colored calla lilies from  Apart from flowers, I hope he will also give me other surprises. I haven’t got surprises from my hubby for ages and I hope that this coming birthday, he will really give me one big happy surprise!

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