She Sure Knows How To ‘Than Sai Kai’

We were out shopping for groceries at Jaya Jusco, Mid Valley last week. As usual, the gals would request to sit inside the trollies. I normally give in to their request as it’s safer for them to be inside the trolley than roam about themselves and risk getting lost.

As Sherilyn was beginning to feel tired, she lay on the trolley and put her legs up…

….singing and clapping her hands away…

until she almost fell asleep.  What a ‘cee sai’ (pose) from a 3-year old toddler eh? I bet it felt really comfortable to be able to put up her legs on the trolley whilst being pushed in an air conditioned supermarket. I wish I could do that too haha….

But cheh cheh Alycia was so ‘see mun’ (ladylike) and demure, sitting oh so femininely  on the trolley coz she was wearing a skirt and could not put her legs up on the trolley.

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