Alycia Is Learning Ballet!

Yesterday daddy and I brought Alycia and Sherilyn for a free trial baby ballet class. I had no intention of sending them for ballet class so soon. I thought the earliest I will sent Alycia will be next year when she turns 5 years old.

Before the class, Alycia kept telling me that she doesn’t want to attend ballet class. Sherilyn on the other hand appeared very excited and kept dancing like a ballerina by putting her hands up in an arch shape and tip toeing her feet. She had seen little girls dance ballet in one of the Barney DVDs and liked ballet very much.

However, at the trial class, the unexpected happened. Alycia was happily following the teacher’s instructions and steps while Sherilyn just stood frozen staring at the teacher in complete awe. She was really stunned with the little girls all dressed up in ballerina costume and cute tutus and was trying to comprehend what the teacher was doing. Minutes later, the teacher brought her out of the room. We were later told that the minimum age for acceptance into the baby ballet class is 4 years old.

As Alycia has shown so much interest in learning ballet during the trial class, we immediately signed her up. The first formal lesson will begin on Wednesday next week at 6:45pm for 1 hour. The fees will be RM60 per month once a week or RM110 per month for twice a week. I signed her up for the once weekly class. One of the reasons why Alycia was willing to attend the ballet class was because her little aunty (hubby’s 5 year old cousin) was also going to join the class and they are best of friends.

The ballerina costume cost RM225, which consists of a pair of stockings, the pink bodysuit, a tutu, a scarf / hanky and a pair of ballerina shoes.  The costume is very costly as everything is imported from the UK.   The pair of delicate stockings alone cost RM55!

I jokingly told Alycia that she has to lose some weight coz her little belly was protruding in the tight ballerina suit and she really looked like a ‘fei por zhai’  (little fat girl).  I hope Alycia will love ballet and excel in it and not like mummy who learned ballet for 3 years and quit.

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The Heroes Of The Battle Against HIV/AIDS

If you are an avid reader of the Reader’s Digest, you would have read the section on Everyday Heroes. Some of these unsung heroes certainly deserve to be given the due recognition and award for their selfless acts. Many of the stories of these heroes have touched my heart profoundly and one of the heroes who was recently featured is a woman who has spent decades creating cheap HIV vaccine in her own lab for the hard core poor orphans who were stricken with HIV/AIDS.  Speaking of HIV and AIDS, Dr William Heyward is another hero and ‘soldier’ who has contributed his efforts significantly in the fight against this deadly disease for decades.

Dr William Heyward’s first post was in Anchorage, Alaska where he was sent there to study the infections and diseases that were plaguing the Alaskan natives. Dr Heyward helped the Alaskan people overcome Hepatitis B, liver cancer, pneumococcal disease and Haemophilus Influenzae Type B. His next task was to learn about how HIV and AIDS were affecting the Alaskan natives. He was the first doctor to survey Alaska to learn how far this deadly disease had spread and soon, he found himself enamored with helping to eradicate this deadly disease. This prompted him to attend John Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, which earned him an M.P.H in Epidemiology in 1987. To learn more about Dr Heyward, kindly visit

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