Tony Roma’s Ribs

If you love beef, especially beef ribs, you really have to check out Tony Roma’s Ribs Restaurant. 

Tony Roma’s beef ribs are really tasty and tender but a tad pricey.   If you’ve tasted them, you would not mind paying a little extra for a rack of really delicious ribs.


This is a blue cheese burger.  Want to know whether it tasted heavenly or yucky,  click here to read on.

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Cecelia and Nicholas’ Marriage On The Rocks Now?

I am sure everyone is following closely the hot juicy news on Edison’s sex scandal.  Rumors have it that Edison had proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years and begged her to marry him in order to save him from being killed by some triad members from the girlfriend’s wealthy family. He had also checked into a sex rehab center in the U.S. as advised by his girlfriend’s family.  Rumors also have it that Edison had threatened to slit his writs if his marriage proposal was turned down. Do you think this is true love or is he just trying to save his own life and reputation?

Now I am just waiting to read news on Cecelia and Nicholas’ marriage. It seems Patrick (Nicholas’ dad) has encouraged his son to get a paternity test / DNA test to see if the baby son is indeed his or Edison’s. I just don’t understand these celebrities. Why are they always embroiled in such complicated relationships? I think if Cecelia and Nicholas really want their marriage to work, they should really go for a marriage retreat or a marriage family counseling, like the ones from the internationally renowned Mort Fortel.

Mort Fortel is well known round the world for saving many marriages and for providing free marriage help.  Hopefully with marital help from professionals like Mort Fortel, Cecilia and Nicholas’ marriage will survive the storm. It would be really sad to see the couple break up.

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I Am Sick

I have not been feeling too well for the last few days.  Was having a runny nose and sore throat for the last 2 days.  The runny nose is better today but my throat is really irritating me.  I can’t breathe well as my nose is also blocked.  My throat is not exactly painful now but there are lots of phlegm stuck in my throat which makes me want to puke.  I also feel really hot inside my body, as if a fever is about to break out.  My maid made me feel even hotter today.  Read more on my maid updates here.

I don’t really fancy eating medicine during my pregnancy.  I rather suffer than to take medication.  I am now drinking lots of water, crysanthemum tea and barley water to cool my body down.  I am really tempted to pop a couple of Difflam into my mouth to ease the throat irritation.  But I am only resorting to more natural remedies like drinking diluted lemon juice with Manuka honey and gargling my throat with salt water.  Hope my throat gets better tomorrow.

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InTONE® Jogger With Handlebar

I am counting down to the days when I can resume my exercise regimen after the birth of my baby. With another c-section, I will need at least 2 months to rest my wound and womb before I can start exercising again. That means it will be another 3.5 months before I can start exercising again. For a start, I will need to do a low-impact aerobic workout before I can go full swing back to jogging and running. I have just found a wonderful fitness equipment that is compact and cheap at, an online store that sells home medical equipment, home medical supplies and life enhancing products.

This fitness equipment is called InTone Jogger with Handlebar. It also comes with a workout DVD. This cool equipment only costs $69 and I am so very tempted to purchase it now. My hubby will surely comment that I am a fitness freak if I were to buy this equipment now. I wonder if I can get this equipment from the fitness equipment shops locally. Does anybody know?

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