One Tough Cookie

Two days ago, as I was busy in the wet kitchen teaching my maid cooking, Sherilyn the ever hyper-active rascal cut her lower lip when she was jumping up and down and knocked her lip on the sides of the playpen.  Alycia who saw Sherilyn bleeding on the lip was yelling out to me telling me what had happened.  I did not really answer her since I did not hear any crying and I wasn’t really listening too.  When I came inside, I saw Alycia wiping Sher’s lips with a tissue paper.  I was shocked to see blood oozing out from Sher’s lower lip.  I was even more surprised that Sher did not cry but just looked dead-pan and obviously in pain.  She must have been too scared to tell me since I’ve warned her countless times never to do dangerous stunts. She looked ‘stone’ for the next few hours and couldn’t even eat her dinner. The cut on her lip was quite deep and her lip was slightly swollen.  It was still bleeding yesterday and today, the bleeding has stopped but she now looks like an abused child.  This brat of mine always gets herself into trouble and is very accident-prone. 

Todate, she had broken her left thumb and the nail dropped off when it got squashed by a steel door (year 20o6),  was hit by a moving swing in the park (2006), cracked her forehead (on Valentine’s Day this year), fell off the bed countless times and had bumps on her head and has scars everywhere on her legs resulting from falls.  She really does look like an abused child looking at the scars on her legs but this brat is really one tough and resilient cookie. 

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