Alycia’s First Ballet Class

Despite running a low grade fever, I still brought Alycia to her first ballet class yesterday.  Thank God, she did not puke or purge in class and was enjoying every moment of the 1-hour session.  While the teacher was teaching the kids dancing, Sherilyn and I watched them through the door outside the room.  I am really glad that Alycia paid full attention and followed her teacher in the steps.  It was really funny to see her dancing tip toed and swaying her arms up and down with the silk hanky like a little bird that’s hopping and flapping its wings.

The teacher helping Alycia put on her new ballet shoes.


Despite all the vomiting, purging and not eating much for 3 days, Alycia still looked chubby in her ballet costume.

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14 thoughts on “Alycia’s First Ballet Class

  1. in her ballet custome, Alycia is such a beautiful porcelain doll!! Great to hear the girls is on the road of recovering. Dont over stress yourself, k ? Take care…

  2. Can see her little tummy. But I think she lost weight on her face. Not as chubby as before already. She looks so sweet and pretty in her ballet costume.

  3. Your daughter looks so darling in her ballet class. She looks really excited about dancing. Looks like you have a Health Freak Daughter in Training!

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