This Is Daddy

That’s Sherilyn’s drawing of daddy’s head, with no hair, no ears and a tiny neck LOL!  She loves drawing and coloring and her writing skill has also improved.  She can trace letters and numbers quite well and can even write a few letters of the alphabet without having me to dot them for her.  Whenever Alycia does her homework, Sher will also sit next to me and do drawing, coloring or writing.  However, she can be rather irritating when she keeps asking me questions and seeking my attention when I am busy coaching Alycia in her homework.  Sher has been showing keen interest in going to pre-school.  I may send her to Aly’s pre-school in June this year.

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9 thoughts on “This Is Daddy

  1. and the daddy is sticking out his tongue

    that’s a good training for Sher, at least when it’s her turn to go to school, she’s well adjusted already

  2. When I coach Brendan in his homework, Eryn will come pushing hew way through and ask me to draw this and write that for her! I guess we just have to split our time with them. hhehe

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