My Nightmarish Post C-Section

The post c-section for this delivery was the worse of my 3 c-section deliveries. My gastroenterologist told me that the more surgeries / c-sections that one has, the more risk it has to the guts.

In my case, there were a lot of adhesions on my womb and on the muscles, flesh and what not as this was my 3rd c-section.  My Ob&G did a lot of cutting (I could hear him snipping my dunno what away for at least 15 minutes before Baby C was delivered) of the adhesions and tugging of the muscles and what not to ‘clear way’ to the uterus.   Consequently, all the snipping and tugging have inadvertently inflammed my guts. The gastroenterologist told me that in some rare cases, the guts get knotted and surgery will be required to fix the knotted intestines.  The spasm of the guts that I had attacked me every 5 minutes throughout the day for 2 days and that was the worse experience in my life.  The pain was really unbearable and I really wanted to cry.   I could feel the wind all trapped inside my guts, fighting its way out but somewhere was blocked and the wind was causing me immense pain. I was really depressed – because of the pain and because I couldn’t eat. From being able to drink water and Milo, I was ordered to be put on drips again and NIL by mouth…. until I passed out wind but that seemed so difficult…. 

… be continued

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17 thoughts on “My Nightmarish Post C-Section

  1. Since your dr advice you not to take too much food, I’m not sure whether I should introduce this ‘chinese herb’ for you……I drink it immediate after my c-section, and I can pass wind out so smooth and no pain at all…….my mom told me, the more I give birth, the more it pain, cause all people said, the womb is looking for the baby after 9 mths bonding together (I’m not sure how true)….after after drink this herb, I’m really ok and no pain at all….all of my friends dont’ believe me, I can even walk on second day of C-section…and go home on 3rd day liao.

  2. that sounds so scary!! An ex-colleague of mine had c-sect 4 times, and she said it was horrible 🙁

    Unlike normal birth that only suffer pain during delivery, c-sect has got a long long journey and pain to endure after that. So rest a lot……

  3. Firstly, I would like to congratulate on your baby, but that C-sec post really scares me. I never try that before, and if I have no3 next time, I better stick to natural birth.

  4. Hang in there, lady. Remember it’s also baby blues so the “depression” is only temporary.

    How about Celia? I’ve always loved that name.

  5. Hope you are better by now…..chinese had a way with winds by drinking red dates tea boiled with old ginger…..keep well.

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