Baby C At 10 Days Old

Baby C is quite a good baby.  She wakes up 2-3 times a night for nursing and does not poo poo in the middle of the night anymore.  I am nursing her on demand and sometimes I supplement it with a total of 2-3 ounces of formula in a day (once or twice a day) when my breastmilk is insufficient to satisfy her hunger.

Baby C looks so much like Alycia when she was a baby in these 2 pix here.  However, in terms of size, Alycia is much much bigger than Baby C at birth…. so big that that I could not even see her neck for the first few months!

Now I have 2 teaching assistants – Alycia and Sherilyn flashing cards to Baby C!

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17 thoughts on “Baby C At 10 Days Old

  1. Hi

    This photo shows that Alycia’s a good teacher like your mom. I can imagin the way she’s explaining…Keep it up Alycia & Sherilyn.

    Take care of your little sister C.


  2. Niya… oh yeah, my gals love to be the tutor and they love to go near Baby C and touch her and kiss her.

    Barb…sometimes i am worried my 2 gals may be too rough and hurt Baby C.

    BP, Jesslyn, Irene…. oh yeah, I sure hope Baby C will be one smart alec!

    Jazzmint… the earlier the better, so said the experts 🙂

    Vivian… yup, Sher has high fever. In fact both the gals has high fever and throat infection. And I’m worried sick they will spread the virus to Baby C.

    Slavemom…. hopefully they will always be good che ches and a good tutor to Baby C.

  3. Hahaha! Good on your other 2 gals, teaching their little sis how to recognise thing at such young age! ;p

    At least both gals are not jealous of their little sis and willing to help mummy too.

  4. Baby C is sooo cute!

    One advantage of having babies with a few yrs gap is that the older ones will help to take care of the younger ones. You have 2 to help you 🙂

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