Baby C Smiling

Baby C has been smiling in her sleep intermittently for the last few days. I managed to capture her in action yesterday. At times, when I talk to her, she will also smile at me.

I was at the hospital the whole afternoon today waiting to see my gynae for another post c-section problem. I wonder when my post c-section problems will ever end.

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10 thoughts on “Baby C Smiling

  1. so cute leh!!!

    btw, i rarely buy lollipop for my kids, and that was the first time they had such a big one and after a few licks, back to the fridge..only Iris everyday licked a bit then habis liao…
    dont think ur kids would love me too, cause i wont buy lollipop for no reason one..hehe..

  2. awww.. so sweet and peaceful… she’s getting more and more cute by the day leh.. 🙂 How did the gynae visit went? Do you still need to return for anymore visits? Do hope you don’t have too till the 6th month visit… do rest well ya… I read about what you went thru post c-section and my heart goes to you… take good care ya..

  3. Angel’s sleep!
    Shireen, gets more rest! I see you write so many post during this critical time taht need lots of rest leh…Rest well & there’s a LONG LONG way to go!

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