Baby C’s Drinking Pattern

Baby C’s appetite and demand for milk are becoming stronger each day.  My breastmilk is insufficient to satiate her ravenous appetite.  I now have to increase the formula to keep her tummy full.  From 2 ounces of formula a day, she’s now drinking around 4-5 ounces of formula on top of my breastmilk.  My breastmilk is still not a lot.  Today is the first day I actually expressed out my milk to see how much milk I have and sadly, I only managed to milk out 2.5 ounces from both breasts after painstakingly sitting and pumping till my hands ached for around 20 minutes.  

Baby C also tends to suckle at full force for a short 5-10 minutes and then she will drift back into slumberland and then treats my teat like her pacifier instead of suckling for milk.  Consequently, she drinks very little and gets hungry pretty fast. 

I have asked hubby to buy some raw papayas and I shall get my CL to boil some papaya soup tomorrow in the hope of boosting my milk supply.  I also intend to get some Milkmaid tea to drink.  I heard Milkmaid tea is really effective in boosting milk supply.  Does anyone know where I can buy Milkmaid tea in KL? 

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  1. Oh….baby C is growing bigger each day..thus the increase in milk intake…4 to 5 ounces is normal ….she has lovely black hair…love to watch her grow here…..

    Can drink more chicken soup to get more milk also…..

  2. My SIL got it for me from this baby shop in 1-Utama:

    Fravi Sdn Bhd
    S210, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
    No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
    47800 Petaling Jaya
    Contact Person: Alice or Gondini Fravi
    Tel: +60-(0)3-7729 5008
    Fax: +60-(0)3-7725 5422

    It’s really good, but I had to refrain from drinking it last time cos my boy got really hyper after I had drunk it. If you can’t get the tea though, you can try steeping fenugreek seeds (can be bought from any supermarket or Indian grocer) in hot water and drinking it as tea. Milkmaid tea contains fenugreek mostly too, anyway.

  3. shireen, if it is painful carrying your baby, perhaps u could nurse her using a pillow? direct nursing would help to increase the supply rather than pumping. Pumping can be very tiring, isnt it? hehe…..

  4. Sweet Jasmine…. I drink chicken soup everyday yet my milk supply is really low.

    Giddy Tiger… thanks for the info!

    Chin Nee…. yup, I use a pillow when I am seated. When I b/f her at night, both of us will lie on the bed and fall asleep together!

    Mommadiary…. I use Avent ISIS manual breast pump which Chumsy Ashley so kindly gave me. Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

  5. shireen,

    i dont know if u have bf b4 with ur two older gals, but as for baby c, what u mentioned is very normal. the first three wks is terrible hard and tired, but once u passed this phase, u will be fine and hv routine and also enough bm. if u r very keen on bf, i wld give u all my support and tell u, its very normal. just keep on bf her on demand, after three wks, it will slow down and back to 2 or 3 hrs rountine with enuff bm. if u substitute with formula, then your body will think that at those hrs that u feed bb with formula is u dont want any milk on that hour. then ur bm will definitely reduced. bf on demand. i too had c section. wat i did was lied down on my side and bb lying down on her side too, facing me. then with my ‘inside’ hand lifting up straight, parallel with my body. that is the easiest way for me to bf and also wont hurt my wound.i continue to sleep while feeding and when the next feed comes, i switched place with bb and feed on other breast. i continued to sleep, suck all she wants!!

  6. If you can have soup every mealtime then that would help. They say too that minimize putting up both arms (like what you do when you laze under the sun), because it will dry up the milk. there are lots of tales to tell and we won’t lose a thing if we follow

  7. shireen, drink plenty of liquid and dun get too stressful over the breast milk. my first 2-3w supply oso very low. dun give up… keep on letting ur bb to suck n keep pumping… i used to pump 30m each time n im oso using the manual pump… i know it is very tiring and since im not good at latching i only pump out the milk after confinement n my supply is more than her demand… im sure ur milk will boost later

  8. Shireen, I remembered the supply of my breast milk was affected by my emotion, i.e if I’m in a hurry or stressed, the milk won’t come…. drink a lot of liquid….. take care and hope you recover real soon…

  9. I drink raw papaya with pork rib soup too. But only can get those raw papaya at hypermarket. Yes previously I bought milkmake tea at Bebehaus, 1 Utama too.

  10. Hi Shireen, 1st 2 days after my Caesarian for twins, i only had about 1 oz of milk inclding the cholestrum. With much rest, less stress and plenty of fluid and massage, the milk supply came gradually until a point where if i dont milk of express for more than 1 hour, my breasts felt like exploding. I used Advent pump, too. Very easy once you latch it correctly round your areolas and make sure the areolas are stimulated not the teats. Drinking 1 glass of red dates each time before and after breasfeeding was my routine besides plenty of soup and orange juice (coz breastmilk lacks of vit C). As for the papaya soup, my CL used sweet ripe papaya and boil with ikan merah. No need to add salt or sugar…very sweet and boosted lots of milk. If u started supplement for baby with formula, your breastmilk will less due to the less demand to produce. The more your baby suckle and the more you express,the more milk you’ll get. Initially very frustrating and disappointing but u got to be really patient. I used to get 4 ounce each on each breast during the first 2-3 weeks once the pattern established but as the baby grows, i can even get up to 8 oz each breast. But each of my twins only needed abt 4oz each at 3 hourly feed. For 2 years I didn’t supplement with formula for them.
    Good luck and have faith in yourself. Early stage baby doesnt really need to drink much but they sleep a lot. They cry doesnt mean they are hungry..they just wants some comfort and reassuarance after going thru the labour. It’s part of mother nature for your breast to get use to the pattern of your baby. I’m more than happy to be here for you if you need more breatsfeeding support. Take care, relax and enjoy your 3rd motherhood.

  11. When you eat lots and drink 3 litres of water everyday, and rest well without stress, your milk should arrive soon. Mine took 2 months before it came fully!!! And Fenugreek really does work. I used to put 3 tablespoons of fenugreek into a mug and poured hot water into it and let it sit. Once the colour got really dark, I poured out the fenugreek and drank the black water. Can add honey if desired. It really works. Let baby C suckle la….even if she doesn’t drink, the suckling will stimulate milk production. Just lie there and let her suckle all day – LOL!!

  12. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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