Confinement Stories

For those of you who had gone through a regimented confinement (where both your mum and mil will watch over you like a hawk almost 24 hours a day), you were not allowed to eat vegetables (well, can only eat certain vege like kailan) and fruits, right?  Luckily my mil was quite liberal and did not forbid me to eat these food. I ate lots of vegetables and fruits everyday. Thus, I did not suffer from constipation though I ate so much heaty food.  However, my body could not tolerate the wine and ginger during the 2nd week of my confinement and I had sore throat and felt feverish. That’s when my CL stopped cooking ‘hard-core’ confinement food for me and reduced the ginger. I hope this time round, my body will be able to tolerate all the hard-core confinement food from day one through day 30 of the confinement. That’s the only time I can properly ‘poa’ (heal and nourish) my body, through eating these nutritious food. Now, I just can’t wait to savor those confinement food!

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6 thoughts on “Confinement Stories

  1. ei my body oso kennot tolerate so much wine and i also got sore throat… and everyone keep telling me during confinement no matter how much wine or how heaty food u take oso no prob…

  2. My mom is superb flexible during my confinement and I can do whatever I want esp sleeping with air con & fan on….he,he…which is my sweet memory of confinement

  3. i thot we cannot eat kai lan cause its ‘liong’? thats why its better to cook with ginger… i only ate spinach, choy sum, snow peas, french beans during my confinement period..

  4. Do treasure ur confinement if u think this is ur last confinement… I didn’t do it properly with my 2nd confinement, coz tot i’m going to have the 3rd one… and very unfortunate tat seems like quite impossible to hv another one coz husb doesnt’ wan anymore…

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