Pre-Natal Check-Up At Week 37

Anyone who sees Dr Jason Lim at SYMC (the superstar gynae at SYMC) would know how fast he sees his patients.  That’s the reason why I only go to see him after week 32, for all three of my pregnancies.   Yesterday afternoon I waited almost half an hour and I was the first patient to see him….. and the consultation only lasted less than 5 minutes!  In the past, I had to wait at least 2 hours to see him if the appointment was in the morning!  At times, after waiting for 2 hours, he would be called for emergency deliveries / surgeries and all the patients who were waiting for him would have to wait for another 2 hours!  That’s why he’s known as the superstar gynae at SYMC.

During the ultrasound scan yesterday, he just pointed out to me that the baby’s heartbeat is normal and fluid round the baby is good too. He then told me the baby’s weight, which was apprx 3kg….. and that’s it.  He then said ‘see you next Wednesday on your csection day’ and bade me farewell.  Super fast and I had to pay RM60 just for that and another RM10 for the urine test. 

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18 thoughts on “Pre-Natal Check-Up At Week 37

  1. Yeah Shireen, understandable, I felt the same too. It is like waited for century and get to see him only for 3 mins. Wish you all the best and waiting to see your beautiful angel next week. God bless!

  2. too busy to entertain..that’s why i didnt go to such doc for my second pregnancy. dr liew fr assunta oso like that!! geramnya…in fact one, i had to write down a list of questions for dr liew cause i always forget to ask him (always in a hurry), so when he saw the paper, he just took it from me and read the questions himself rather than me asking one by one. then he said he doesnt have the time for me to do that wor..!!

  3. Em … I heard his big name before. I’m sure u will be very kan cheong as the D-day juz the corner. Can’t wait to see ur lil princess 🙂

  4. Thats the thing with famous gynaes and drs. I had the same problem with our paed at DSH – we wait for about 2 hours and see him for 5 mins!!

    All the best to you and have a safe delivery.

  5. Aiyoh.. !! you very lucky.. only 60 bucks.. !!! mine 5mins.. 267 bucks.. canadian..! and waited for 2.5hrs… ! pengshan and heart pain here.. 🙁

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