The Best Part Of A Confinement

To me, the best part of going through a regimented and torturous confinement is that I get to enjoy the food. For the benefit of my readers who are not familiar with the Chinese culture, women after child-birth go through a 1-month confinement period where they are to follow very regimented rules like not being able to wash their hair, not allowed to bathe with regular water direct from the tap / shower and diet must be of a specific one too. Normally, a confinement lady (CL) will be hired to care for the mummy and the newborn baby.

Well, coming back to the confinement food, the first few dishes I am going to order from my CL will be ‘kai jau’ (chicken cooked in wine with lots of ginger), stir-fried pork with sweet wine and shredded ginger, pigs’ trotters with black vinegar, turmeric chicken and pigs’ belly and intestines soup. These are my favorites and I can never bored of them, even during my confinement.

What’s your favorite food during your confinement?

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