They Love Eating With Chopsticks

Alycia and Sherilyn now have a new craze, that is to eat with chopsticks.  They have been really influenced by their mah mah who eats rice with chopsticks in a china bowl all the time.  Now, they only want to eat rice and noodles with chopsticks from a china / ceramic bowl too….. and I tell you they are really adept with using the chopsticks while holding the bowl simultaneously.

Sherilyn who used to eat only bread and noodles for dinner and lunch has taken on a liking to eat rice and a little meat, on condition that she eats with a pair of chopsticks in a china bowl. 

In this picture, it was Sherilyn’s first attempt of eating rice with a pair of chopsticks.  We put the rice in an Ikea plastic bowl for fear that she might drop the china bowl as she tends to have butter fingers and is very clumsy, unlike che che who is quite careful and independent.  But the next day, Sherilyn demanded to have her rice in a china bowl too, just like che che Alycia.  Whatever che che does or has, she has to do it or have it too. *slaps forehead*

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Ask A Gynecologist Online

Would you agree with me that most females have at least one gynecological problem at least once in their lifetime? I would say almost all my girlfriends have at least a gynecological problem now or in the past. These problems range from infertility to Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovaries, vaginal yeast infection, Cystitis, breast lumps and the list goes. I am not spared too and I once had problems with infertility, PCOS, blocked ovarian tube, vaginal yeast infections, Cystitis and fibroid in my uterus. Some of these problems are recurring too. Consulting an Ob&Gyn is quite costly here and some of these well-known doctors have so many patients that they often rush their patients off during the consultation. That is the reason why I always surf the internet to read up more on my medical condition before I consult my Ob&Gyn. I have even tried to self-treat myself by using the information that I had gathered from the internet.

Today I discovered, a medical resource site that enables anyone to ask questions and get answers related to gynecological problems. All the gynecologists that will answer the questions are American trained and board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There is free information in the extensive database but if you do not get the answers that you are looking for, all you have to do is to type in your question and pay a small processing fee to get high quality, personalized answers.  There will be no charge for follow-up questions, so once you ask the doctor, you can continue to speak with the doctor until you are satisfied. There is even a refund should you not be satisfied with the answers provided to you.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a nagging gynecological problem that’s been troubling you, just log on to and get your answers from the experts there.  Just write in your question today and you will receive an answer by e-mail by midnight the following day.

But remember, never, ever, use the information provided by or any internet source as a replacement for a visit to your health care provider.

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Clingy Baby

Baby C is getting REALLY clingy to me. She’s even having separation anxiety at this stage! Whenever I take my shower and leave her downstairs in the bouncinet with my mil, she will wail her lungs out. Yesterday she was extremely clingy to me. From 11am till11pm, she cried and ‘demanded’ for my teat teats…. And guess what? I had to nurse her every single hour from 11am through 11pm. She appeared really hungry when I nursed her but she fell asleep 10 minutes later. Most of the time, she just wanted to suckle for comfort, till she fell asleep. It appears that she is now addicted to my teat teats and cannot fall asleep alone without them. Am I in for trouble? How am I going to start my daily morning running sessions again if she’s so clingy to me and does not want anyone else? My hubby and parents are strongly objecting that I put Baby C on the jogging stroller and follow me jogging, for reasons that I am risking her being abducted. What am I going to do now? How can I escape from her for just half an hour every morning? I really need to resume my daily exercise regimen again.

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My 3 Angels

Streamyx was down again the whole of yesterday and was finally up again today, though still very unstable. I could not ping a few websites and have to keep typing ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ under ‘Run’, turn off the modem and restart it until now. I tell you Streamyx really sucks lately.

Anyway, when I could not go online, I read to the gals and we sang Nursery Rhymes on karaoke together. Sherilyn who is musically inclined loves singing and she loves karaoke. I plan to send her for piano lessons when she’s a little older. I also managed to take pix of my 3 angels together finally.

On another note, thank God Baby C is back to normal again yesterday and gosh, she made up for the loss of milk intake (when she refused to nurse several days ago) by demanding for my teats EVERY HOUR the whole afternoon (and also the previous night) and I am not kidding you. I was really exhausted and sleepy and hit the sack at 10:30pm yesterday and only woke up at 8am today.  Ok, gotta run, Baby C is whining again… for my teat teats.

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Get A Good Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident, hiring a good attorney to help you litigate your case is very important. When my eldest brother was involved in a car accident in 1989, it took more than 6 years to conclude the case, which we won and got the compensation. For my readers who reside in Austin, if you are looking for an Austin Car Accident Attorney to help you litigate your case, you may want to check out O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath. What I like about the attorneys is that as a client, you need not have to pay any initial consultation fee. You will only be sent the bill if the attorneys are successful in recovering the money from those who are responsible for your personal injury or loss. The attorneys are ethical, aggressive and will fight your case with sheer determination till the end.

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Alycia and Sherilyn’s First Outing To Zoo Negara

Yesterday was the 8th wedding annniversary of hubby and I.  But instead of bringing me out for the day, he brought Alycia, Sherilyn and mah mah to the zoo.  Since it’s the school holidays, daddy jumped at the opportunity to bring them to the zoo as he had promised them too many times of bringing them to the zoo.  As usual, I had to stay home with Baby C as she was feeling a little under the weather after her jab.   I was a tad disappointed that Baby C and I are left out in quite a number of outings now, especially to non-baby-friendly places.  Anyway, luckily hubby ‘sake do’ and bought me a slice of chocolate moose cake with meringue, macademia and pecan nuts from Alexis Bistro.  He also brought us all out for dinner at my favorite Seoul Korea restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. 

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Baby C’s 6th Week Vaccination

Yesterday, I brought Baby C to the paed’s office for her 6th week vaccination, which is a DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B and Polio jab combo. I also went for my 6th week check-up with my gynae and did a pap smear which hurt like hell. Of course Baby C wailed when the needle was poked into her upper thigh and my heart cried out for her too.

After the jab, she has been sleeping continuously from yesterday afternoon till now. She appeared listless but no fever. She did not cry for my teat teats or milk which got me really worried. Even when I brought her mouth to my teat, she did not want to open her mouth. However, I managed to force feed her a few times and she did suckle for a while and she did poo poo too. Boy, I am just so worried for her now. I can’t remember Alycia and Sher acting like this previously after their jabs.

Any parents here whose child also acted like this after his/her jab?

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Web Hosting Services

Talking about web hosting, I am sure many bloggers are not too satisfied with the services provided by their website host and that includes moi. When my contract with my website host expires, I am even considering changing them.  I have just found a website where I can compare shared web hosting providers. At, I can find professional and reliable web hosting providers that charge web hosting services for under $10 per month. The web hosting plans include a free domain name registration, host for unlimited domains, 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are looking for a web hosting provider,  look no further.  Quick check out

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Alycia Adores Baby C

I am lucky that both Alycia and Sherilyn adore their new baby sister. So far, they have never tried to do anything to harm Baby C like hitting her or throwing things at her. My mum told me that when I was born, my eldest brother would throw his pillow at me when I slept in the ‘sarong’ (cloth cradle) with the string that was affixed to a hook on the ceiling.  My late granny had to pull the sarong high up until it almost touched the ceiling so that I will be avoided by things thrown at me by my brother! Phew, luckily the sarong string did not snap!

Alycia and Sherilyn love patting and kissing Baby C. They also love to help me burp Baby C, help me clean up her bum after her poopie business or bounce the bouncinet to put Baby C to sleep. They even want to help me bathe Baby C. If only Alycia and Sherilyn were a few years older, I can delegate some of the tasks of caring for the baby to them.

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Salted Egg and Custard Bun

This steamed salted egg and custard bun from daddy’s favorite Duck King Restaurant is simply the best. It’s so delicious that I put aside the thought of my bulging baby belly and ate 2 of these buns at one go! The bun is generously filled with piping hot custard and melted salted egg.

A note of caution – be really careful when you bite into this bun when it’s freshly steamed and piping hot coz the filling will ooze out and will burn your lips and tongue.

Alycia relishing the bun.

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Guess What This Is?


Guess what this is? This is the appetizer served at Duck King Restaurant at Jaya 1, PJ. I bet no one can guess what this appetizer is, even after tasting it. Initially, I thought it tasted a tad like deep fried anchovies. The taste and texture are quite unique and it is really difficult to discern if it is a meat, a fish or a vege. It’s actually made of duck meat and deep fried with a special coating of flour mixture with curry powder.

Verdict – a very delicious and unique appetizer. Everyone loved it, especially Sherilyn.

Check out my other blog to see what other dishes we ate at Duck King Restaurant.

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Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is round the corner. Last year, my brothers and I went back to our hometown to our parents’ home and brought our dad out for a sumptuous dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This year, we will most likely be unable to do that as my brother will be traveling overseas and it would be inconvenient for me to travel long distance with a newborn baby. I will most probably send my dad a card and a check. My dad is a very practical man, so I think a check will be the most appropriate gift for him.

What are you planning to get your dad for Father’s Day this year? If you are lost for ideas, let me give you some suggestions. You could get him a shirt, a tie, a bottle of cologne, cuff links, chocolates, a watch or even some US Mint Coins from Shop CSNTV. I am sure your dad will be very touched to receive a gift from you on Father’s Day.

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Bringing Baby C To Work


That’s Baby C in daddy’s office when I had to bring her along with me last week to complete my assignments when the internet to my house was disconnected for 8 days. The first day was bad as she did not want to sleep and kept whining. I was at daddy’s office in the evening, at 6ish p.m., which was supposed to be her bath time. She kept whining, tossing and turning in her bouncinet. I had to cradle her and nursed her all the time whilst I tapped on the computer keyboard with just my right forefinger.
If only Telekom knew how much inconvenience the internet downtime had caused to me….. which reminds me that I am supposed to send an email to the billing / customer care department to demand for a compensation for the period the internet was disconnected.

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Flip Flops That Help Trim Your Thighs And Bum!

I love wearing anything that looks appealing, sexy, easy to wear and comfortable. For a super busy work-from-home mum with 3 kids (including a newborn baby) who always have to do things hurriedly to beat the clock, I no longer have the luxury to put on my make-up and jewellery and coiffeur my hair before an outing. Most of my time is spent on the kids and I normally only have a short 15 – 20 minutes of preparation time to take a quick shower, put on my clothes, apply some baby powder on my face, put on my lip gloss if I have the time and slip into my flip flops and I am all  set to go.

Having to chase around 2 hyper-active toddlers and carry a newborn baby, I find getting a comfortable pair of flip flops a necessity. Guess what I found out today? I discovered that I can get some amazing flip flops called the Fit Flop from this online store in the UK called These Fit Flops are the leg-slimming secret of women all over England. They are such a hit with the women in England that they will soon be sold out, though only launched last summer. Every step you take on the Fitflops helps to tone, trim and tighten the thighs and bum! Amazing isn’t it? Since I don’t have the time to start my exercise regime yet, I really should get myself a pair of Fit Flop to tone up my thighs! Quick check out these Fit Flops now before they are sold out.

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Our Wesak Day Outing

After lunch at Duck King Restaurant at Jaya One on Wesak Day, Alycia and Sherilyn had a whale of their time watching a handsome kor kor sculpture balloons for them. Sherilyn was speechless and on cloud nine when the handsome kor kor gave her a huge and elaborate sculptured balloon which was meant for display at the end of the balloon sculpture session. The handsome kor kor was closing the balloon sculpting session to prepare for the next session, which was a puppet show. She could not believe her eyes when the handsome kor kor gave her the big big balloon. Out of the scores of kids there, the handsome kor kor gave her the big big balloon! When she held the big big ballon, everyone could see how elated and proud she was. That big big balloon really made her day… and mine too, coz she was really happy and was in a real good mood for the rest of the day! No whining and no crying = no headache for mummy!

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Finally A Place To Buy Cheap Radiators For Your Vehicle

Each time we go shopping at the supermarket, the bill would run up to more than three hundred ringgit. That’s only for groceries, toiletries, diapers and other household items. We spend another two to three hundred ringgit every week just on perishables like fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, fruits and milk. Can anyone tell me where I can buy cheap food stuff here? Everything is freaking expensive these days but let me tell you something. You can still buy low price automotive radiators at This leading online distributor carries a large inventory of automotive radiators ranging from Accord Radiator to Toyota radiator, BMW radiator, Kia radiator and radiators for most brands of automotive. does not go through a middleman, thus the prices are much lower than other stores. Finally, you can find a place to get cheap radiators for your vehicle, isn’t that great?

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