That’s How Sher Eats Her Cheese

That’s how Sher eats her cheese. She tears the slice of cheese into tiny pieces, then she tells me what each piece of cheese looks like….. she would tell me if it is a triangle, square or rectangle or whether the cheese looks like a tiger, a chicken or a dinosaur, etc. LOL! Then she would put each tiny bit of cheese into her mouth and enjoy her cheese.

I think most kids love cheese. Alycia and Sherilyn love cheese to bits, especially Laughing Cow and Happy Cow triangle wedges and Laughing Cow party cubes. They can finish the entire box in just 2-3 days. But I’m really not too keen in feeding them with cheese everyday. If you read the labels, you will notice that cheese is loaded with sodium, nitrates (preservative), coloring, flavoring and other food additives. The only cheese that I know of that’s free from preservative and low in sodium is Babybel cheese but my gals don’t really like it coz it’s a tad bitter and hard too.

What cheese do you feed your kids with?

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Beastly Father

Reading the recent news on the dirty old man who imprisoned his own daughter in a hidden bathroom of their home and repeatedly raped her for close to 20 years made me disgusted and loathe at the thought of it. He even fathered a few children with his own daughter over the years. All the children were born in the bathroom of the house, which is like a dungeon and a living hell. That’s just so unimaginable. I wonder what the kids call him – daddy or grandpa! And I wonder if his children are normal, both physically and mentally. They have never seen sunlight or the darkness of the night. They have also never had contact with the outside world, apart from their own mother and their beastly father. It was reported that all his children have never gone out of the house and have been imprisoned in the bathroom of the house all their lives.  Some of his children are already in their teens. That dirty old man’s behavior is worse than that of an animal.

This shocking case was only unveiled when one of his children fell gravely sick and had to be hospitalized. It was then that his daughter managed to secretly let out the horrifying news to the doctors and called for help. This dirty old man really deserves to be imprisoned for life and be whipped. I wonder why this dirty old man have been so horny all his life to the point that he even had the heart to imprison and rape his own daughter of all woman. He must have bought some cheap Viagra to raise himself and to get some cheap pleasure but for Pete’s sake, why did he have to do that to his own daughter?

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