Our Sunday

Yesterday, I broke another confinement rule.  I went out shopping.  It was meant to be a short outing of about an hour to buy a baby sling and Milkmaid tea from The Baby Loft at Desa Park City.  But the short outing turned out to last almost 4 hours.   When I returned home, my boops felt like they were about to explode.  Even lifting up my hands to undress hurt like mad.  Poor Baby C was crying away in hunger (though my CL had fed her with formula).  When I nursed her, she was sucking on my teats ravenously and choked a few times… which gave me scares….. and I had to pull her away quickly from my teats to burp her.

Apart from the baby sling and Milkmaid tea, we also bought 2 t-shirt like plastic bibs for Aly and Sher, a beeswax lip balm (we finally found one which is kids’ safe at Baby Loft after searching for it high and low for months), a Bumwear cloth diaper and inserts and a sexy spaghetti strap top which is breastfeeding-friendly.

After shopping, we had lunch at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant.

Alycia and Sherilyn wearing their new plastic t-shirt bibs and hats bought from Baby Loft.

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Powdery Fun

A picture paints a thousand words eh?

I was busy nursing Baby C and Sher was playing by herself 2 days ago. All of a sudden, I smelled something familiar, something nice…. the scent wafted through the air from the dining area to the living room where I was seated and there was silence at the area where Sher was playing.  I knew instantly that Sher was up to mischieve again and was certain she was playing with talcum powder.  I rushed up to the dining area and saw Sher pouring lots of powder all over her body and face.  I was fuming mad but when I saw how ridiculous Sher looked with her face covered with talcum powder, I wanted to burst out laughing but suppressed the laughter and tried to put on an angry face.  Gave Sher a warning and quickly took out my camera and started snapping away….

Sher the menace…. look at her mischievous face!

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A Beautiful Beach Side Wedding

A good friend of mine who is staying in Saipan, one of the islands in the United States had a beautiful beach-side wedding recently. I am sure it is every girl’s fantasy to have such a romantic wedding by the beautiful beach. The backdrop of the wedding was magnificent with a beautiful orangy-greyish sky during sunset, lovely sea and white sandy beach. There were white canopies with pretty white and pink color satin drapes and there were beautiful fresh flowers decorated everywhere. The bride and groom also wore pretty garlands made of lovely white flowers. Too bad I could not fly to the island to attend the lovely wedding reception last month.

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