Sexy Breastfeeding Top

This is the spaghetti strap top that’s specially designed for breastfeeding mums.  I bought it from The Baby Loft shop on Sunday.  I’ve never seen such clothing for nursing mums before and was really impressed with the design. 

Just below the strap, there is a detachable hook. Once the hook is unfastened, the outer part of the top droops and then there are 2 holes on the inner part of the top for the baby to suckle mummy’s teats.  Impressive eh? I don’t even need to wear bra (I never liked to wear bra, btw, especially during my breastfeeding days) as the top even comes with bra pads that can be removed.  Too bad, this canggih top (which only costs RM88) only comes in one color, which is black.  The lady boss informed me that in a couple of months’ time, there will be a new batch of the same tops in brighter colors.  I will check out the shop again then.

Maybe I should ask the lady boss of this shop to pay me for writing  reviews of her products!  You think I should?  Or maybe get some products from her shop FOC!

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Choke Whilst Nursing

Baby C tends to choke when I nurse her lately.  My confinement lady (who was once a midwife) says that it’s because my milk supply has increased, thus the choking.  I think it’s quite true coz this did not happen at the early stage when I started to breastfeed her.  Lately, my milk supply has increased and she tends to choke half way through nursing.  Once, she choked and seconds later, she puked like  water flowing out from the faucet.  She really scared me out of my wits.  Now, each time she coughs while nursing, I will pull her mouth away from my teat spontaneously and pat her chest or burb her.  It’s really terrifying to hear a small, fragile and helpless baby coughing, sometimes as if she’s gasping for air.

Does that happen to your baby too?

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Recycle and Save Our Planet

The man in the van that buys old newspapers and old car batteries has just passed by my house. I have several old car batteries lying at the porch of my house for months. I should have reminded my maid to flag down the van to sell off these old car batteries. I must say I am quite a supporter of recycling unwanted things as I hate to see things go to waste. I have also taught my maid to discard plastic and glass bottles in separate garbage bags for the garbage collector to bring them to the recycling factory. If you also strongly support recycling to save our planet and to protect our environment, do you know that you can now purchase cheap used engines from midwest auto recycling? This online store specializes in used engines that are clean, test driven, inspected and has one of the strongest warranty nationwide. So the next time your car engine breaks down, forget about getting a new car engine. Get a used engine at a fraction of the price from Midwest Auto Recycling.

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Milkmaid Tea

Bought this Milkmaid Tea from The Baby Loft on Sunday. Have been diligently drinking this tea for the past 3 days and I must say that the result is quite amazing. Yesterday, I was able to breastfeed Baby C exclusively the whole day, yay! Today, I still haven’t touched her formula yet and I am confident I am able to nurse her exclusively too.

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Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 1

Having had gone through 3 c-sections, I have lots of OT stories to tell.  I shall start with stories related to me.  For all 3 of my c-sections, I had spinal cord anesthetic administered, which caused the lower part of my body to be numb and I was conscious throughout the surgery. The side effects of the spinal cord anesthetic were nauseous feeling, difficulty in breathing, headache,  itchiness all over the body and shivering. 

For my 1st c-section, I had really bad itchiness all over my body, esp. on my face which lasted for 2 days.  For my 2nd c-section, I had headache which lasted for weeks.  For my 3rd c-section, I had really really bad shivering after the c-section.  After I was wheeled out of the OT and left at the recuperation bay outside the OT, my body was trembling profusely.  I could feel that it was almost in a state of convulsion.  My teeth were chattering until my jaw hurt and my head was even shaking as a result of the terrible trembling.  Suddenly, I felt as if I could not breathe and asked for an oxygen mask.  I was really shocked and scared but the nurses and my anesthesiologist were so blase about the whole thing.

……to be continued 

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If I Could Have It Again

I had written in my earlier post that one of my very close friends married an American guy recently and had a very beautiful wedding reception held at the beach side. I had seen her wedding pictures and I must say that it was indeed a very beautiful wedding. The wedding reception was held outside a beach resort owned by her best friend’s hubby and almost everything was paid for by her friend. How lucky can she be! The beach resort was as beautiful as the Riviera Maya in Mexico, with white sandy beach, clean sea water and beautiful scenery. Speaking of the Riviera Maya, have you seen the signature beach resorts owned by Karisma Hotels? If I were to have a wedding all over again, I wish I could have a beach wedding too held at one of those luxury beach resorts in Riviera Maya.

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