Cassandra 28 Days Old

Today Baby C is 28 days old. Tomorrow, daddy will be throwing a fullmoon party at home. The weather has been horrendously hot lately, so hot that my CL dressed Baby C in a singlet today…. and I could see that she looked so comfy wearing it.  Baby C sweats easily and she even sweats in the air-cond room in the middle of the night when I nursed her….. with her in her long rompers.

Baby C was smiling here at Sherilyn and my maid.

Some bloggers have commented that Baby C always turns to her right. Well, it’s because I’m standing there (on her right) to take a good snapshot of her. I do adjust the position of her head throughout the day and she doesn’t sleep at one position all the time, otherwise her head will be senget (slanting).

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It’s Going To End Soon

One and a half more days…. that’s the remaining number of days I have to tolerate my confinement lady. I can’t believe I survived almost 1 month tolerating that old lady with a queer behavior and an expression of a fierce matron hanging on her face the whole day and night and someone who has absolutely no sense of hygiene in handling newborn babies. Today, as she was in a haste to carry Baby C who was crying, guess where she wiped her hands that she had just washed? She wiped it on one of Baby C’s vest which was left in the crib!  Last night, she even left a used cotton with poop in a container on Baby C’s crib!  The longer this old lady stays with me, the longer my depression and stress will last. Sometimes I get so stressed up that it really affects my milk supply. In times like this, I wish I could inhale the rich scent of the organic Blue Lotus Absolute oil from to get some peace and ease of mind to release the stress from my body and mind.

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Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 4

continuation from Part 3…..

When I was at the recuperation bay outside the OT after the c-section, I saw the young lady who went in for a brain surgery on my right and the man who went in for a nose surgery on my left.   The man had a bandage on the bridge of his nose and he was still unconscious.  I was really curious why he needed the nose surgery.  Moments later, he looked as if he wanted to puke and he looked really horrible.  The nurse who was attending to me shouted out to her colleague to bring a kidney tray to catch his vomit and to bring an instrument that looked like a tube (don’t know what it’s called) to insert into his mouth.  The scene was like the scene from the series ER and it was gory.  I saw the man painfully puked out blood through the transparent tube and he made gory puking sounds too, like he was in great pain.  That lasted for almost 15 minutes.  I was horrified.  That explains why I can never ever be a nurse or a doctor.

I turned to my right and saw a nurse trying to wake the young lady who had gone in for a brain surgery up.  She was saying “Miss XXX, please wake up, your surgery is over, wake up, do you hear me, Miss XXX, do you hear me?”  in Mandarin.  The young lady did not open her eyes and was still heavily sedated.  Before I could see if she did wake up or not, I was wheeled back to my room.  Till today, I still think of this young lady and the man who had gone for the nose surgery.  I wonder how this young lady is doing after the brain surgery.

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Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 3

Before I was wheeled into the OT room to deliver Baby C, I waited outside the OT.  As I lay on the bed in the freezing room, a young lady (in her early 20s) and a man (in his early 40s) were waiting there too.  I could see that everyone looked tensed.  Instead of feeling worried and nervous myself, I decided to strike a conversation with the young lady.  I told her I was in to deliver my baby and she told me that she’s going in to operate her brain to remove a cyst.  As she talked to me, I could see that there were spasms on her face.   When I heard that she was in for a brain surgery, I wished her good luck and told myself that I wished to see her again… alive.   I did not talk to the man beside me but heard that he’s going in for a nose surgery.  The OT staff later came to shave the young lady’s hair (only the back part).  After that, I saw the young lady fervently saying a prayer.  I too prayed for myself and for the young lady and the man for a safe surgery.

Up next….. I saw the man vomit blood after he was out from the OT!

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Florist Business

My cousin runs a florist and has been in this business for the past 2 years. Business has been good and she gets most of her orders from hotels and companies. When we met at a wedding dinner recently, she told me that she plans to open a branch in another town. I was really amazed with the success of her business. I think anyone who opens a florist shop is sure to make money. Do you know that florists buy wholesale flowers directly from the flower farmers at very low prices and they can make a few hundred percent profit on a stalk of flower especially during festivals and celebrations? Hearing her success story makes me want to open my own florist shop too.

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Lotus Roots Hands

I did not really believe that exclusively breastfed babies will be chubby until I saw Elaine’s baby JL.  Now that I am exclusively breastfeeding Baby C, I can see her grow chubbier by the days.  I did not realize that she already has ‘lotus roots’ hands (which make me want to squeeze and bite them!) until I saw this pic which I snapped this morning.  From chicken feet like legs and dolls like arms, Baby C now has lotus roots like hands and legs!

Read more about her long ‘manicured’ finger nails here.

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Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 2

Continuation from here

When the terrible trembling and shivering did not stop, the nurses gave me 4-5 thermal blankets.  I felt a tad better but the shivering was involuntarily and out of my control and I just could not stop my teeth from chattering and body from shaking.   My teeth chattered so hard and my jaw hurt so much that I had to feel them intermittently to make sure that my teeth were still there!  After about half an hour in the recuperation bay outside the OT, I was wheeled back to my room.  It felt warmer in my room but I was still shivering and chattering uncontrollably.  

Slowly but surely, I could feel sensation on my feet again.  After the anesthesiologist had administered the spinal cord anesthetic on me in the OT, within seconds, I felt the lower part of my  body turn warm and minutes later, I could no longer feel sensation on the lower part of my body.  That feeling was kinda frustrating, as if you want to move but just can’t.  When I could feel sensation on my feet again, I was really happy.

to be continued….

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Security Software For My Mum’s Laptop

My mum has been using a laptop that’s half functioning. It belongs to my younger brother and is more than 5 years old, which can be considered an old junk. For someone who is not in the IT savvy generation, she is considered good in handling a laptop. She can now pay her bills online, check her bank account online, surf the internet for information related to her sicknesses and sometimes she will even help me surf for information. After repeatedly reminding my mum to fix her laptop so that she can have a clearer view of the pictures of her 3 grand daughters in my blogs, she is finally getting someone to fix the laptop this week. I have also reminded my mum that she should ask the IT technician to install a reliable anti-virus software like NOD32 in the laptop.  My mum has been using a laptop without a security software for years, unbelievable!

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Hot, Hot Day

The weather has been incredibly hot and humid lately.  With the confinement food that I am eating, I am sweating profusely.  I even sweat the moment I step out from the bathroom.  I have a hard time nursing Baby C during the day coz after nursing her, both of us will sweat….. and we don’t have an air-conditioner in our living room.   I hate it that Baby C smells of my CL coz when she carries Baby C, her sweat touches Baby C’s head and sometimes she puts her face next to Baby C’s.

It’s so hot that not only I have to bathe twice a day, even Baby C bathes twice a day.   Poor Baby C’s face now has a rash flare up due to the hot weather (or maybe due to my CL’s unhygienic way of handling her). 

Baby C  even knows how to whine between 8pm-9pm everyday for me to bring her upstairs to my room which is air-conditioned.  Believe it or not that the moment she enters the room, she stops whining and will smile to me with her sweetest toothless smile when she sees me or hears me talking to her.

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